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Mark Moran 72

by Jon Sumple | Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
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A year later, the team must’ve changed its mind and went with blue caps. You’ll notice that some weight-lifting took place over the winter. Why does the uniform say “Bucs”? Because they ran out of Angels’ shirts, and the Bucs’ uniforms were at least the same color, blue. So, anytime you have a complaint about my adult personality, just remember that, while going through puberty, I had to wear a Bucs shirt all summer long while everyone else had one that said Angels.

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Stat sheet: Born with a baseball in hand ... threw ball to dad in delivery room ... left-handed. Played ball until elbow blowout in college ... no clue what to do next ... became a sports writer. Season-ticket holder with Florida Marlins from inaugural season until move to Seattle in 2009 ... learning to love the Mariners.



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