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Atlanta Braves preview: What can the Uptons do for you?

Justin Upton BJ Upton

Big question for the Atlanta Braves: Are the Uptons here to play? With Chipper Jones riding off into the sunset, the Atlanta Braves have to find a way to replace his veteran leadership and the 2012 team-best OPS+. That recipe, coupled with another disappointing playoff loss on a team that won 94 games, kept GM Frank Wren busy all offseason. November More...

by Jamie Shoemaker | Published 2 years ago

Justin Upton BJ Upton
By Jamie Shoemaker On Friday, February 1st, 2013

Reaction to Justin Upton, Chris Johnson and Martin Prado trade

The Braves will miss Martin Prado’s gritty style of play. Last week, the Atlanta Braves landed Justin Upton, a former number-one draft pick (2005), to play along side newly signed B.J. Upton and Gold Glove-winner More...

Brandon Beachy has a long road ahead ... and the Braves will be waiting.
By Jamie Shoemaker On Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Even with Brandon Beachy out, Jair Jurrjens stint is still a tryout

Brandon Beachy has a long road ahead ... and the Braves will be waiting. Atlanta Braves fans received terrible news last night on Brandon Beachy, the one pitcher who had been consistent, and was leading the majors More...

Say good bye to one of the sweetest swings that ever blessed baseball. Thanks for the show Chip.
By Jamie Shoemaker On Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Chipper Jones: Tribute, stats, Hall of Fame credentials, and farewell

Chipper Jones' decision to walk away from the game has left an empty feeling inside many fans. Posts like these are tough to write, folks. Just tough. Chipper Jones was and has been my favorite player since More...

Most Braves fans are already ready to bend over and give up. (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)
By Jamie Shoemaker On Monday, April 9th, 2012

Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Giants winless — are fans overreacting?

Many Braves fans are getting ready to bend over and give up. (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images) The Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants are all winless. That’s More...

Chipper Jones in the cage at spring training (AJC photo)
By Jamie Shoemaker On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Springing into action: Will Braves’ subtractions pay off?

Chipper Jones in the cage at spring training. (AJC photo) It’s just about 10 days until the first spring training game, and I feel like a kid 10 days away from Christmas. I can smell the ball fields and hear More...

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