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The Hit List: Top 15 dumbest (real and unwritten) baseball rules

Haters of Rule 7.13, a catcher’s body isn’t supposed to do that. It was an interesting week in Major League Baseball as America began to look more carefully into the rules that govern the Great Game. As noted in TTFB, Rule 7.13 was made official¬†causing a ballyhoo of intrigue throughout baseball. While you would think looking out for player More...

by Shawn Paul Wood | Published 4 years ago

By Shawn Paul Wood On Friday, February 21st, 2014

The Hit List: Top 12 baseball players we hope never used steroids

I heard the steroids are over there. Just saying. “The Captain” Derek Jeter is calling it a day … after a whirlwind tour to relish in his greatness in every U.S. ballpark in the MLB. He says, More...

Source: NJ Star-Ledger
By Shawn Paul Wood On Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
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The Hit List: Top 10 Asian baseball busts in MLB history

You would smile too if the New York Yankees paid you that much cheese to visit America. ICYMI: There was a Japanese import that made MLB headlines worldwide. Yes, another one. His name is Masahiro Tanaka, and last More...

By Shawn Paul Wood On Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The Hit List: 10 worst baseball mascots ever

As the economy gets better for baseball, some teams (and their respective owners jonesin’ for some more Geritol) begin thinking of a change of scenery. Some teams mortgage their mothers’ houses for More...

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
By Shawn Paul Wood On Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

The Hit List: Top 7 baseball scandals of all time (other than A-Rod)

It’s possible A-ROID stands by himself in this category now. After what has to be a Peabody award-winning interview by Texas’ own Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes and CBS News fame, the rouse Alex Rodriguez More...

By Shawn Paul Wood On Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The Hit List: Top 10 free agents of 2014

If Christmas for a baseball fan is the reporting of pitchers and catchers, then I would venture to say New Years would be the Baseball Winter Meetings — lovingly known as “Hot Stove.” December More...

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