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Foul Territory: A Baseball Podcast – Episode 15

by Jon Sumple | Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
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Foul Territory A Baseball PodcastEpisode 14 of Foul Territory: A Baseball Podcast opens up with a discussion about Jed Rigney’s first experience with an almost-blizzard named Stella and Jon Sumple’s friends and family who were blanketed by the storm that avoided Jed and New York City. Good times. The guys discuss the World Baseball Classic and how it has a long way to go before it feels world-worthy like the Word Cup, Pedro Alvarez and his minor-league deal (what’s going on with big bats these days?) and how the Rockies could have used Alvarez a few days later when Ian Desmond broke his hand, Kris Bryant setting the record for a second-year service contract (and a tangent about football and baseball player contracts), the Phillies trading for ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte and what it might happen when he faces a switch-hitter, Yankees’ prospect Clint Frazier and his haircut (because “Yankees”), Manny Ramirez and the sushi clause in his Japan contract, and Jose Reyes’ ongoing woes as a horrible father and husband.

This week’s Starting Nine is a salute to the WBC with players names that sound like or could be associated with geographical places (it’s good), followed by a deep dive into the NL East Projections and why the Nationals should breeze, the Mets could fall, the Marlins recovery from Jose Fernandez and the Braves and Phillies rising from the ashes.

The show ends with an accelerated Extra Innings on March Madness, Brock Osweiler’s banishment to Cleveland, the Kyle Busch-Joey Logano dustup and why it’s good for NASCAR, and the budding romance between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

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