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Hit the Deck! Baseball’s tweeps are #Tebowing!

by Dean Harakas | Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2011
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It's hard not to jump on the Tim Tebow bandwagon. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

As Tim Tebow was leading the Denver Broncos to another improbable victory against the Chicago Bears yesterday, baseball’s tweeps got “Tebow Fever.” The action picked up as Tebow was driving the Broncos for their first score with a little more than two minutes left in regulation. The fever gets so hot that one tweep gave him credit for Matt Prater’s 59-yard game-tying field goal!


@VinnieP52 Vinnie Pestano  >> I hate the fact the Broncos might win, but God I love an underdog

>> Tebow won’t block this field goal

@TH3_Era Trevor Haggard  >> Tebow ties the game!!!! Wow!! #crazy!

@JWieland108 Joe Wieland  >> Tebow!!!!! God is good


@jfitzgerald31 Justin Fitzgerald  >> Time for the @SportsCenter debate another week w Tebow… Will they finally swallow their tongues?

@#Broncos #Tebowtime


@bretthayes9 Brett Hayes  >>#fate #Tebow #powerofprayer I believe do u?

@JustinVerlander Justin Verlander  >>Fan of Tebow or not… This is fun to watch!

@@rjroberts12 .. This is epic right now .. #DivineIntervention @G8rRaqui

@Jiwan23 Jiwan James  >> Ooooooohhhhhh…. #BallGame!!! This #TebowTime is just getting ridiculous now! Lol wow!!!

@JWieland108 Joe Wieland  >> Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

@eric_pettis Eric Pettis  >>Yep yep, knew they’d win the whole time #Tebow

@JLEWFifty Jensen Lewis  >>#ontothenextone #TebowTime .. You can’t script this stuff man.. What another epic comeback



@#BRONCOS game the #Cardinals actually have a chance to beat the #49ers #miracle #hopefullyididntspeaktoosoon

@Jiwan23 Jiwan James  >>#Tebow going H.A.M.!!! Right now

@#beast. Lots of #respect for u. WOW!!!

@CJNitkowski CJ Nitkowski  >> ever have much time to watch NFL but I’m some kind of bitter I have watch GB/OAK blowout instead ofDenver.

@Richie_Rich02 Josh Richmond  >> #TimTebow is the answer. WHAT A PEEMP.

@#Tebow wins but shout out to former #UCF golden night Matt Prater for kicking all of those field goals 2 tie and win games. #onfire


@@timtebow deserves respect for how he lives his life and handles himself. #keeprolling

@Jiwan23 Jiwan James  >> I’ll take #Tebow RIGHT NOW over #JORDAN in the 4th quarter! Siiiiiiiiikkkkeeeee. Hahaha

@@NotDosEquisMan could beat Tim Tebow in a football game!!

@jparencibia9 jp arencibia  >> Chuck Norris has a poster of Tim Tebow on the wall! #ThatsHowYouKnoeYoureABadAss

@#tebowing behind the mound before games guaranteed win!

@@TimTebow 1 Cor. 10:31

@rupealoop Josh Rupe  >>Tim Tebow is the greatest man in the world!!!!!!!!!

@@Prime21: I now have both feet on the Tebow bandwagon. Thanks to the foot of Matt Prater.




@@TimTebow it’s awesome to watch you compete each and every week. No one should be amazed anymore.

@JGuthrie46 Jeremy Guthrie  >> All I can hear in my mind is Cliff Livingston’s voice yelling “What Time is it?” over & over. #Tebowtime


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