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Hit The Deck! Red Sox-Rays marathon brought to you by letters G A R F O O S & E

by Dean Harakas | Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011
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Sunday night, the Red Sox and Rays battled through 16 innings before Boston eked out a 1-0 victory. While many (at least for a while) were watching ESPN’s coverage, there was an alternative “broadcast” on Twitter courtesy of a Tampa Bay minor leaguer. In case you missed it, here’s something a tad different: @TheGarfoose’s take on the game. Dirk Hayhurst, a pitcher for the Durham Bulls, cheers for his teammates on the big club in this hilarious series of tweets.


 TheGarfoose Dirk Hayhurst


> Wow, just got off the bus and the Rays are still at it with the Sox. Come on Gomer!

> 401 pitches later, Uptonstill swinging at the first one… #Rays

> It’d be nice to see Ruggiono continue his clutch, walk off power he had with the bullls….oops… nevermind #Rays

> Elliot Johnson, Infilder by trade, everything else by neccessity… #rays

> Man, I just sat on a bus for 7 hours after 9 innings and I’m still glued to this game… it’s in the blood. #rays

> Tim Kurkjian, is he allowed to be up this late, wont the other elves at the factory be jealous? #Rays

> The Announcers need a red bull #Rays

> Sorry V-tek, you lose. Also, a beard is not a subsitiute for a jaw line. #Rays

> A high an tight fastball jto Sctuaro just elevated Gomes’ stock? Rookie lore starts here folks #Rays

> Good Ole Zo!

> oooooooooooo….. so close. Booo Booo #Rays Get em Gomer!

> For Shame, For Shame, For Shame Umpire. #Rays

> LOUD NOISES! #Rays ….. to the bottom of the 14th.

> Get me up there, I’ll end this game. I can groove bp fastball’s with the best of em. People have to work tomorrow, dangit! #Rays

> RT @FOSH1ZZLE: are you in the dugout tweeting?// yes, can’t you see me there, on my laptop, next to Maddon?

> Take some pitches people! #Rays.

> At this rate, Cobb goes up, half the pen gets sent down, Hellickson goes into relieft, dinosaurs eat man, woman inharites the earth! #rays

> OOooooooooo Snap! BJ Upton! #Rays

> Upton: “Relax, I’m fast… here, let me show you.” #Rays

> It’s okay, I’d walk him too. #Rays

> RT @eddiescorz22: think you guys can break the record of 24 scoreless innings?// I hope not.

> I’m convinced that Youkalis’ body is entirely made of calouses formed from getting drilled. #Rays

> RT @jswiney: @ – Tropicana pens = too close to fans.// you don’t want players close to you?

> The Yankees are warming up in the parking lot right now… the ole’ 48 hour double header. #Rays

> Lets see if the Rays can make 3 outs on more than 3 pitches this inning. Place your bets people… #Rays

> 3 hits!? 3 God Damn hits!? (You can’t say that on the air) Oh, who cares, no one’s listening anyway… #Rays

> RT @andy_sims: Come on, guys! People in Tampa need to get up early and be foreclosed on!// WOW, you went there.

> RT @kgwelshans_08: i might go 2 bed and wake up and still find the game scoreless // You might, but it could be the Yanks.

> You can’t hit Longo! 14 year old girls across the USare weeping now. The Sponors at Gillette are cringing. Make the most of it Kotch!#Rays


> OK, now we just need a hit. A nice, simple, easy little hit. Nothing spectacular… *crosses fingers* #Rays

> OMG… Please, Aceves, hit two more. You’re our best hitter right now! (kidding) #Rays

> This is the game that never ends… it just goes on and on and then… some people started playing it not knowing what it was… #Rays

>16th inning… Sox versus Russel the Muscle.

> I have a bad feeling about this… You know what they say about lead of walks. It’s dead bats vs historical stats now… #rays

> I’m putting a pick play on at second. They’d never expect that in the 16th. Everyone is practicaly brain dead at this point so… #Rays

> Come on #Rays!

> .@BenBadler Fool, common sense has no place in a 16 inning game. I propose the hidden ball trick!

> …. see, shoulda used the hidden ball trick. #Rays

> RT @tjpatterson5: your tweets are so entertaining. // tell your friends!

> RT @JNesbitt10: thanks for the updates Dirk, our TV is currently occupied by my 13-year old sister watching Twilight #fail #Rays

> Oh, don’t worry everyone, we’ll tie it up =) #Rays

> IF this game woudl have ended the way I hoped, by our respective closers fighting to the death, we’d have this thing won by now. #Rays

> Let just all agree that if the Rays had a new stadium, this would have never happened. #Rays #Rumormill

> @BenBadler I don’t know about that. Proven League Talent often gets underrated when compared to possible upside…

> BATED BREATH>>>>>#Rays

> Fatball up #rays

> Nice take. #Rays

> WEll, thanks for staying up with me. Tonights Broadcast was brought to you by the letters, G A R F O O S & E.

>Onley: “What was it like to play in that game.” Pedroia “Stupid question, We’ve been playing for 6 hours. What do you think it was like?”

> And, good night…. *Peace signs, blows kisses*

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