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Today’s transactions around baseball

by Jamie Shoemaker | Posted on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
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Today, several more big names agreed to extensions. Here is a run down around baseball:

  • Billy Butler signed a four year extension with the Royals for 30MM. He does have a fifth year option, which would all depend on the production that the Royals receive from their prospects.
  • Near perfect Armando Galarraga of the Tigers is receiving greater trade interest. Sources are saying multiple teams are showing interest, among those are the Diamondbacks, Pirates, Nationals, and the Orioles. Bill Ladson of MLB Twitter link, said that the Nationals don’t consider to be involved anymore as they don’t believe Galarraga can be an upgrade on their present rotation. Personally, I think they could benefit from the deal, as long as they aren’t giving up much. Diamondbacks are said to be nearing a deal, but let’s not count out the Nationals here.
  • Jason Hammel signed a two year deal that will buy out two years of arbitration. I’m surprised the Rockies went two years with Hammel. I predicted a one year deal.
Big names like Manny, Johnny Damon, Vernon Wells, and possibly Vlad by the end of the weekend (I’m thinking Orioles) are signed or packing up their gear for a new team this week. Manny and Damon both signed with the Rays, shocking baseball. I wonder if the Red Sox are second guessing not giving him more attention. I know, I know, he ended badly there, but now they will see him atleast 20 times this year. I’m sure Boston writers are salvitating at the thought of what can go down, who said this, he said what, etc.

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