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TTFB preseason fantasy MLB power rankings

by admin | Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2011
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Welcome to the first MLB Power Ranking by Through The Fence Baseball. Along with this power ranking, you will also see fantasy baseball projections/stats coming out by team like crazy over the next two weeks. Oh, this will be fun! (Notice: this will look better as we go along, where in the process of creating a good looking Power Ranking page.)

So, how did I come up with the Power Rankings? Well I used the fantasy baseball projections/stats from magazines and newspapers and combined each players (only starters) stats from each team. I basically used each team’s starting lineup and totaled up the total dollar amount (fantasy dollar, not actual payroll dollar) and then averaged the total team player position rank for each position. Confused yet? I think I just confused myself. Again, these aren’t our thoughts, its using fantasy projections only.

Starting with week 1, all other power rankings will be done by our staff. I just wanted to get the ball rolling….selfish, I know.

Let me hear your thoughts!


WEEK # – PRE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

1 Phillies 0-0 0/0 Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels…Need I say more?
2 Red Sox 0-0 0/0 Probably the best mix of power hitting and pitching than anyone in the league.
3 Yankees 0-0 0/0 1 more pitcher and a rookie to blossom would put them over the Red Sox.
4 Rangers 0-0 0/0 Surprised their 4th? So are we.
5 Dodgers 0-0 0/0 Here’s to hoping Billingsly and Garland pitch well.
6 White Sox 0-0 0/0 Fantasy projections are banking high on Juan Pierre, I’m not so sure.
7 Brewers 0-0 0/0 Will new acquisitions Greinke and Marcum put them over the top?
8 Angels 0-0 0/0 Health is a factor here…along with Wells.
9 Giants 0-0 0/0 Not the greatest looking on paper, but they get it done.
10 Twins 0-0 0/0 Pavano, Morneau. They could drop if those two don’t stay healthy.
11 Braves 0-0 0/0 Can Chipper make it a full season? How healthy will the rotation be?
12 Marlins 0-0 0/0 Can Vazquez regain confidence? Sophmore slumps in order?
13 Tigers 0-0 0/0 Team AA classes would put them higher.
14 Rays 0-0 0/0 Very uncertain bullpen.
15 Rockies 0-0 0/0 Always middle of the pack on paper, always contending at the end.
16 Reds 0-0 0/0 Is Chapman in the pen or starting??
17 Orioles 0-0 0/0 New and improved lineup centered around a strong second half last year.
18 Cardinals 0-0 0/0 Would be higher if Wainwright was heatlhy…but will drop significantly if another starter gets bit.
19 Cubs 0-0 0/0 How will Garza adapt? Zambrano back or not? Can they please stop fighting in the dugout?
20 Mets 0-0 0/0 Talk about a franchise plummenting…..
21 Athletics 0-0 0/0 Always decent pitching, not enough batting.
22 Astros 0-0 0/0 A team of “IFS”
23 Diamondbacks 0-0 0/0 Did Johnson and Schilling retire yet?
24 Mariners 0-0 0/0 Hard to believe a team with Ichiro and Felix can be so far down, but name someone else?
25 Blue Jays 0-0 0/0 Same team, same place in the standings
26 Padres 0-0 0/0 Harang is the biggest pickup??
27 Cleveland 0-0 0/0 Possibly the worst rotation in the majors.
28 Nationals 0-0 0/0 Never mind, these guys have the worst.
29 Pirates 0-0 0/0 Lots of optimism with Alvarez and Tabata
30 Royals 0-0 0/0 Won’t know many (if any) names on the roster, but in 3 years you’ll know them all.


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