2018 MLB Trade Deadline: 139 Players and Every Trade

2018 MLB Trade Deadline

The 2018 MLB Trade Deadline was one of the most active, particularly given that more teams have a chance for the playoffs this year (or think they do). This leaves a surplus of buyers and the sellers have been feasting off of overpay. Everything is listed below, from July 1st through August 1st. Kudos to MLBtraderumors.com for the help. Here’s some stats for you.

The number 51 – Amount of trades

The league averaged 1.7 trades a day! Who else is having post trade deadline depression? Every team made at least one trade, with the Rockies, Giants, Padres, A’s, and Tigers earning that distinction. Who had the most you ask? The Rays with nine!

The number 139 – Amount of players traded!

Wow. Isn’t that crazy?! 133 players switched teams last month. 133! Add six more that will be traded at a time later as the Player To Be Named Later. That’s a total of 139.

Show me the Money! $15 MM moved hands

Over five million in straight cash and over 10 million in international pool space marking the first time the international pool space out weighed the straight up cash. Braves dished out the most.




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