Another Phillies trade rumor: Shane Victorino to the Red Sox

Will Shane Victorino be taking his services to Boston?

Yet another rumor has been flying around Philadelphia in recent weeks. The Phillies lackluster effort so far this season has caused many fans to speculate GM Ruben Amaro blowing up the team. I don’t see him going that far. Let’s be honest, the Phillies are only 4.5 games out of first place, but I do see a deal happening, and the new rumor seems to make sense. Once again, Shane Victorino is a main piece of the speculated deal. He, along with pitcher Joe Blanton, are rumored to headed to Boston in return for Red Sox fan-favorite Kevin Youkilis.

This deal makes sense for Boston, since it will get some pitching help from Blanton, an above-average pitcher who is usually looked over because of the other studs on his staff. Also, the Sox would get a Gold Glove center fielder who, when not relied on to be a middle-of-the-lineup threat, can be more then adequate. The Phillies would get a proven pro who gets on base (which they lack) and who can give Placido Polanco and Ryan Howard some needed days off to stay healthy.

I would hate to see Victorino go because he has been a huge contributor over this regime’s run, but all good things must come to an end. The Phillies need to make a move in order to stay competitive, and although it may not be a popular move, it may be a crucial decision that lines the team up for the future. Victorino is more then likely gone after this season anyway because the Phillies are going to focus on doing anything they can to resign Cole Hamels. There may not be enough money left to sign the Flyin’ Hawaiian.

We are now at the quarter point of the season, so we can expect many more of these rumors. Some will be fluff and some will be legit, but one thing is guaranteed: All rumors will be interesting.

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