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Baseball Factory is widely recognized as a leader in player growth and college placement in the U.S. The unique different skills like pro evaluations, fully edited player videos, professional instruction, tournaments, and ongoing guidance has created college placement achievement stories for so many of our players.

Baseball Factory was founded in was founded in 1994 in Columbia, Maryland by CEO Steve Sclafani and he created it so that it would advise and educate players on the college recruiting process. It is Baseball Factory’s goal to provide baseball players nationwide with a a one of a kind concept that provides the very best in instruction, tournament competition, and college planning and promotion. Baseball Factory’s main goal is to guide both players and parents through the college recruiting process and to professionally train players in order to find a school that is the right fit…both academically and athletically.

As some may know Baseball Factory is the smartest way to start a baseball players career. From being shown at hundred of showcases and getting offers by many school so many of our successful players even made it up to the big leagues. Baseball Factory is proud to say their players have been offered over $65 million in college scholarships to date. Baseball Factory has produced more than 2,500 drafted players and more than 215 Major League players. Furthermore, over the last 15 years, Baseball Factory’s college recruiting programs have placed more than 30,000 players into college with over $500 million in scholarships. Every year, they host four regional showcases and a national showcase with over 500 high-level prospects. As of 2004, these showcases manufactured more than 80 Major League players and more than 400 College World Series players.

In 2008 Baseball Factory launched its very own segment called “Ask Doug”. In the segment former Major League player Doug Glanville talks about the game of baseball as he sees and feels about specific things he wants to address. Some of the players like Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, Justin Verlander, Troy Tulowitzki and All-Star Game MVP, Prince Fielder are some of the MLB All-star players who went through the Baseball Factory experience. Being apart of Baseball Factory is like being an organization that makes every player better and better and gives them an opportunity and a big step in the door for each and every one of them.

In 2014 Baseball Factory celebrated 20 years of helping build better student-athletes. They are very proud to say they have helped more than 75,000 achieve their dream of reaching the next level. In 2006 they became the #1 scouting program and becomes the premier Scouting Partner for Baseball America, the leading source in the nation for in-depth articles on high school, college, minor league and major league baseball players. In 2006 they also launched Baseball University, the first online learning program to increase the overall baseball knowledge for players and coaches. Baseball University is sponsored by Baseball America and endorsed by the NABF.

There are many questions Baseball Factory gets and some of the more frequent ones we get are “How Do I Get Started?” Getting started is quite easy and all you really have to do is submit a video to our program or come in for a tryout. From there our professional staff will see your abilities and see where you fit best in our program. After that small group instruction and tournament teams, to video and evaluation sessions, to elite showcases. Their most important part to getting yourself out there and shown are the showcases.

A lesson from a member of Baseball Factory staff and 2 of

Many people probably think, this program isn’t worth my time and money. What happens if my child doesn’t succeed from this and get the attention he deserves? According to a parent asked if Baseball Factory was all the hype everyone makes it out to be. Many of the parents said it is. Baseball Factory is a way to jump start your baseball career and make and prove to people you truly are the best.

Baseball Factory has about 166 employees and they make about $33 Million in revenue. Steve Sclafani knew what he was doing when he decided to start up this organization. He knew when people heard there was an easy way to get scouted from different colleges and get the training you needed to become the best you could any parent would spend their money on this.

Now the very next and important question you’ve been wondering is how much does all this cost? Clearly Baseball Factory makes a good amount of revenue but how much do each individual player cost to be apart of the team:

These are the prices to be apart of the Baseball Factory.

Although most people may think this is a lot for some baseball games and lessons it is the best chance for your child to get their foot in the door. When people hear of “Baseball Factory” they think of amazing players who will be getting scouted and who knows may be in the minor leagues or major leagues one day. Baseball Factory is a known league that many people know about all of the world, if you can manage to be good enough to be accepted there then you are only going to get better and build a career for yourself in the baseball world.

Baseball Factory Winter Classic - West Coast (Ages 12-14) - Baseball Factory

The only advice one can give is being sure your child wants this, this is a commitment and a program for the athletes that love the game and want to be the best that they can be. Throughout this article you may be wondering if only there was also a program for girls to get there name out there and get scouted to play college softball, there is! Softball Factory is our sister program for girls that want to play at that high level!

Baseball Factory alumni George Springer, Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant, Francisco Lindor, and Justin Verlander did it, so its your turn! Get started and get your name out there just like these successful major league players did. Player development and being the best player they can be is the most important part of the game, putting the time and effort in it is your decision and Baseball Factory can help with it all!