Baseball Fields and Baseball Food: An Over-the-Top Journey Through Flavor Town

Baseball fields are not only a great spot to watch baseball games with your family and friends, with the atmosphere and the fun activities that they offer. They also off delicious, over-the-top baseball food.

They are also a great spot to get a solid meal or a delicious treat that will satisfy your deepest, darkest appetite. So many baseball fields throughout college and MLB have the best foods and absolutely no ones knows about them. Come take this journey with me and discover the endless secrets on an over-the-top journey through flavor town where all your fantasies will become realities.

Most Unique Baseball Food

The question everyone wants to know is what are the most unique foods that baseball stadiums offer? Well

Well, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. The first baseball food we have is from the Cleveland Indians and it is called the slider dog.

The Fruit loop God snack

The slider dog features a bunch of amazing foods all in one. All Underneath the bright fruit loops, creamy macaroni and cheese and savory bacon there is a massive beef hot dog. This might just satisfy all of your cravings and if it did not fill you up, well then go get another one!

Next on the list, we are going all that way over to a baseball field on the East coast of the United States in Los Angeles at Dodgers Stadium. Now introducing the Chee-Lote! This amazing grilled corn on the cob with Cheeto powder can definitely give the slider dog a run for it’s money.

Deliciously Delightful

The Chee-Lote is essentially grilled corn on the cob that’s topped with cotija cheese, lime, mayo and chili powder and also has a little something extra and it’s coated in cheeto powder! Just trust me on this one and your taste buds will thank you for weeks to come.

The baseball food next on the list will blow your mind and definitely will make your mouth salivate until you try it. We are going back to the East coast to the Cincinnati Reds baseball field. This dessert is called the candy cloud waffle cone. Try one bite of this and you will be going back for seconds in the blink of an eye.

Super Sweet with a touch of amazing

The candy cloud waffle cone is an ice cream cone surrounded by a big fluff of cotton candy. Believe it or not there is a waffle cone under that big fluff! To top it all off, there is a plethora of sprinkles to make you go crazy! Whenever you go to the Cincinnati Reds baseball field, this dessert is a must for you and the whole family. Candy Wrapper Store is the best option to go for if you are planning to add your personal touch to any kind of candies.

We are going to move onto the next item on the list and it is going to be from PNC baseball field in Pittsburgh. Crab fries in my opinion are the best fries out there. These fries hit home for me at this baseball park because it is my home town and I suggest anyone that visits Pittsburgh Goes to PNC baseball field and munches on these delicious fries.

Get them fries in your mouth

If pangs of hunger have you feeling a little bit crabby, reach for these delicious crabfries at the next Pittsburgh Pirates game. These strips of goodness are coated in a speciality spice blend and served with white cheese sauce. You can also add them on a hamburger or hot dog for that little extra flavoring.

To end this montage of delicious and amazing foods. We are going to take a trip to Seattle to discover the endless amounts of toasted grasshoppers at the Seattle Mariners baseball field. This food is not only unique, but also a different kind of unique. To eat this food you have to be bold and spontaneous, something that everyone wants to do, so why don’t you be the next to try it?

Looking like Rusty Kuntz all over again

These toasted grasshoppers are crunchy and every bite you will notice that it gets better and better. This is the only baseball field that does this and it brings fans around from all over the world. You could be the next one to taste this delicious meal.

Most Delightful Baseball Foods

This section is not going to highlight the most unique foods, but is going to highlight the most delightful foods at different baseball fields. I have a bunch of foods that could make this list, but I am going to highlight the most noticeable ones in my opinion. Whether you agree or disagree I hope you enjoy, but if you don’t agree then you can hop off and go eat your boring foods! Without further or due…. lets get into this.

The first food we are going to dissect is the chicken and waffle cone from the Minnesota Twins baseball field. This waffle cone is not only unique, but it is also very delightful and could hit the appetite of anyone that wants some chicken. You don’t have to be different to like this, you just have to give it a chance.

Time to get my chicken on!

The Chicken and Waffle Cone includes chicken tenders and a huge slab of bacon, drizzled with maple syrup all in a waffle cone. The chicken and the syrup will create a perfect blend in your mouth and help you understand why chicken and syrup belong to be together. If you didn’t like any of these items, you can easily take them out and replace them or just eat them by themselves.

The next delightful food is by far my most favorite food. It is from the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball field is is a hit in the park, literally. It is the going yard hot dog. You might think that this is a regular normal hot dog, but it is far from that. It is double the size of your normal hotdog which means it gives you double the taste of your normal hot dog.


Who needs a foot-long hot dog when you can have a 16.5-inch jalapeño cheddar sausage topped with grilled onions, roasted corn, and avocado relish and sour cream? It is absolutely amazing the taste you will achieve in your mouth when you eat this hot dog at this baseball field. You might need to starve yourself all day just so you can finish this whole meal in just one sitting.

Whether you like unique foods or delightful foods or not, you have to give credit to the list that I have made above. It highlighted to best foods that are around America and for that I am grateful. Next time you are at a baseball field and need a bite to eat, just come on back to this list and make your wildest dreams into realities.

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