Foul Territory baseball podcast #2: Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Dusty Baker, Tim Lincecum, Mother’s Day and Drake

Foul Territory A Baseball PodcastEpisode 1 was met with such resounding enthusiasm from our moms that we decided Episode 2 was a must (Sunday was Mother’s Day, after all, and we couldn’t let them down). Jed Rigney and Jon Sumple are back with the sophomore edition of Foul Territory, talking about Stephen Strasburg’s new $$$ contract, Bryce Harper’s cunning ability to get on base seven times without an official at-bat, Dusty Baker’s ongoing buffoonery, Aroldis Chapman’s explanation of why Latinos are misunderstood, Carlos Martinez’ strange off-field sexual transgressions, how Zika ruined a perfectly “fun” weekend in Puerto Rico, the Reds’ bullpen ineptitude, as well as the world-renown 3UP-3DOWN and Extra Innings — where Jed goes off the baseball reservation to talk basketball, Michael Phelps, the Osbourne split and the crazy success of Drake’s “View” release. Put this baseball podcast in your ears and enjoy!

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