Foul Territory baseball podcast #3: Bautista-Odor; Tim Lincecum; Jose Reyes; Max Scherzer; Carlos Beltran; Trump

Foul Territory A Baseball PodcastWe’re only three shows in, and we are literally losing our shit — to be in the know, listen to what happens when Jed shares his ideas for sponsors. ┬áLike the rest of the known universe, we chime in on Bautista v. Odor and why it was good for baseball, and we wax poetic about Marcus Stroman the Dukie, Tim Lincecum’s meteoric rise in the Angels’ rotation, Jose Reyes’ meteoric fall to mediocrity, the Red Sox meddlesome ways in the international pool, Max Scherzer’s meh 20 Ks, Carlos Beltran’s ticket to Cooperstown, Jonny Gomes fear of earthquakes, this week’s installment of 3U/3D and Extra Innings, which includes 76ers (who?) going all soccer on their jerseys, the nation’s first penis transplant (the jokes write themselves so we don’t have to), Donald Trump and his love affair with himself, Kid Rock’s assistant’s unfortunate last ride, and last, but not least, the joke worth waiting for about James McAvoy’s nuptials gone asunder.

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