Foul Territory baseball podcast #4: Fredi Gonzalez, David Ortiz, Tony Gwynn, Kim Kardashian

Foul Territory A Baseball Podcast After a train wreck of a cold open, which actually ended up working, Jed introduces a stinker of a new Foul Territory sponsor before the boys dive into Fredi Gonzalez’ unusual dismissal notice, David Ortiz retiring for realz, why dippin’ chaw ain’t good via Tony Gwynn’s family announcement, Bartolo Colon showing that rich guys are deadbeat dads, the Holocaust and the National Anthem, and why the Rangers need a new stadium. Starting Nine is back with a boxing twist, Goin’ Deep is deep-sixed for ever and ever, Rigney’s Believe It or Not! debuts with a focus on Philly and Houston, 3U/3D exalts and scolds, and Extra Innings brings us Native American banter, Rory McIlroy sex tips, Tom Brady getting his en banc on, Kim Kardashian going all James Bond, and Eva Longoria finding true love, yet again.

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