Foul Territory baseball podcast #6: Marlon Byrd, Xander Bogaerts, James Shields, Carl Crawford, Muhammad Ali, Hugh Hefner

Foul Territory A Baseball PodcastEpisode 6 is a hot one — especially since it was recorded in 90 degree heat with no AC in Seattle! Jed kicks off this week’s show with a new sponsor — hint, it has something to do with Marlon Byrd’s free time. Speaking of Marlon, he’s the lead subject in Headlines, followed by Xander Bogaerts and Boston’s hitting prowess, AL All-Star virtual ballot-box stuffing, Mark Teixeira’s long and injured road to retirement, Carl Crawford making $35MM as a DFA, James Shields’ shaming and subsequent trade from Padres purgatory, and said Padres blowing a 12-2 lead to the Mariners. Jed goes animalistic with this week’s Starting Nine (It’s a Byrd theme), Rigney’s Believe it or Not! throws praise Daniel Murphy’s way and shade at Prince Fielder, and 3UP 3 DOWN reminds us of Evan Longoria’s greatness, Jose Fernandez’s dominance, The Brothers Seager explosion and the implosions of Yadier Molina, Drew Smyly and Jeff Samardzija. Show wraps up as always with Extra Innings, and we discuss Muhammad Ali’s passing and the Marlins’ buffoonery in announcing it before it was official, Aaron Rodgers’ dairy dismissal, the end of Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama, Hugh Hefner’s new landlord and Richard Simmons acting stranger than usual.

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