Giants World Series celebration scheduled for Wednesday

Buster Posey and the Giants look forward to another parade in San Francisco.

After winning the World Series, the Giants cracked open champagne bottles and celebrated. Now it’s time for fans to celebrate. Like always, the team that wins the World Series gets to parade through its home city with the glimmering World Series trophy. It will be the second time beautiful San Francisco has seen the World Series hardware in three years.

Lucky for the Giants, they don’t need to dress up on Halloween. The parade is scheduled for October 31 at 11 a.m. PDT (see the parade route here). You can thank the Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, for the parade not being postponed after things got out of hand in San Francisco Sunday night. This statement was released on Sunday:

Plans for the Wednesday bash were being made as the city cleaned up after a rowdy celebration Sunday night turned violent in some neighborhoods and police arrested three dozen people. I’m not g to let the spirit of this city be destroyed by 36 peopleWe’re going to move forward with a great parade, a wonderful celebration.

If you want to watch the parade, but don’t live in San Francisco, there are plently of ways to view the parade from the comfort of your home. Television is the obvious choice, but there is online streaming, as well, like ABC NEWS – SF Giants Parade Online. There are likely to be local channels supporting the event on their broadcast and internet feeds. Another option is Kron4. You can follow their Twitter feed to be notified about the parade.

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