Going yard: Traditional rotisserie players need not apply

Last winter I was introduced to the HR only version of Fantasy Baseball.  Finally a fantasy baseball league for those of us who would like to build a competitive team but maintain their day jobs in the process.  Bill James disciples beware only one statistic earns you points here, the long ball.   The endless nights of scouring box scores hoping to pluck the next month’s leader in Holds are over.  Scoring in this format is simple, if your player hits a Home Run you receive one point.  Come October if your squad tallies more balls over the fence than the team owners you win.  Below are some guidelines for creating your own HR League and a Who’s Who in the Land of Swat.

League Size: I recommend 8-12 teams to avoid thinning the talent pool.
Roster Size: 10 Position Players
Draft Format: Auction or Snake-Pick
Scoring: 1 pt per HR
Line-up: All 10 roster spots accrue pts, 0 bench spots
Transactions: Pick-ups can be made 1st of each month, order based on reverse record

Who’s on first?

Albert Pujols Water covers 2/3 of the earth; big Al’s homers cover the rest
Adrian Gonzalez Fenway grounds crew should stock up on yellow paint for Pesky Pole
Mark Texiera Best of a half dozen bombers in pinstripes

Who’s Ready to Shine?

Troy Tulowitzki 1st power resurgence at the position in a decade
Drew Stubbs 30/30 potential, benefactor of the “Great American Smallpark”
Mike Stanton Sent balls flying out since draft day and trend continued in Miami

Who’s on the Mend?

Justin Morneau Should contend for league lead if he’s fully recovered
Kendry Morales Began ’10 on pace to match 34 dingers from rookie year
Carlos Beltran 5 HR in Sept showed flashes of former power

Who’s on the Move?

Adam Dunn Annually in the top ten for this category should have more protection
Dan Uggla Traded after he averaged just over 30 in 1st 5 seasons
Vernon Wells Angels gamble on albatross contract that last year was no fluke

Who’s on the Farm?

Domonic Brown Loads of potential, but likely platoon situation for lefty laden Phils
Freddie Freeman Could land starting 1B for Braves
Brett Lawrie Came over from Brew crew, Jays need to find him AB’s

Who’s Got Something to Prove?

Jose Bautista Will be hard to replicate last year’s spike
Adrian Beltre How did perform the year following his last career output?
Manny Ramirez Out of the spot light, back in AL East and playing for a contract

Who’s Going to Surprise?

Adam Jones Sneaky 19 last year for athletic CF not named McCutchen
Colby Rasmus Combined for 1 shy of 40 in inaugural 2 seasons
Ian Kinsler Poised to replicate ’09 numbers after strong post-season

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