In the Rockpile: Alex White and the Rockies face the unfortunate truth

Rockies pitcher Alex White didn't get off to a good start against Arizona Tuesday, giving up a home run to Ryan Roberts (background) in the first inning. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Rockies sure could use a day off. Luckily they got it.

Being beaten down by the division leader three nights in a row has to be a real kick in the pants. The only problem is that the division race is virtually established now as the Arizona Diamondbacks snake their way out in a long lead. The San Francisco Giants are reeling, being the victim of their own inability to find the ball and deliver when needed.

The Rockies, and my eyes, have now been subjected to two bad outings from Alex White. He has not survived the two starts. There are a couple clean innings, and then that comfort is shattered. As a piece of the trade with Cleveland, White hasn’t had a good outing on the mound.

The mound is a lonely place when things are not going well. You have your new teammates around you, a packed house full of fans that are partially engaged — at least enough to rain some uninformed “boos” — and you have just watched another ball drop in the gap for an RBI.

It has to be lonely out there as the new guy.

The only reason the guy is getting some looks on the mound is because the season is inevitably over, and who can we stopgap for Aaron Cook when he departs Denver sooner than later?

The Rockies are throwing a pitcher who is not major-league ready, which helped Arizona complete the sweep and virtually end all hopes for a playoff run. The sweep is certainly a sign that the playoff towels — printed in spring training — are going to be used to wave the white flag.

I sure hope the Rockies and White enjoyed their day off.

They needed a day to take their mind off of this waste of a season that was dashed with impunity by the D-backs. Their grip on first place is firmly in hand.

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