In the Rockpile: Could Todd Helton help Peyton Manning choose Denver?

Peyton Manning to the Broncos? Maybe good friend Todd Helton could put in a good word. (Paul Jasienski/Getty Images)

While the Rockies are down in Scottsdale, Ariz., playing spring training games, their “former” clubhouse leader got his name sucked into a national controversy: Where will former Indianapolis Colt and future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning, play next season?

Todd Helton, who was Manning’s backup quarterback at Tennessee, was asked by Troy Renck of the Denver Post if Manning were to consider Denver an option, would he reach out to Peyton?

During the offseason, Troy Tulowitzki spearheaded the successful “Cuddyer to Denver – 2012” campaign. Could Helton, a possible Hall of Famer in his own rights, do the Denver Broncos a solid? Could Mr. Rockie himself help sway Peyton from the likes of Miami or Washington? Maybe. I don’t think it will have much bearing, which may be why Helton responded that he would hit up Peyton if it were “down to Denver and another team.”

Manning and Helton are still close; they worked out together this offseason at the Duke campus with their former offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe. In the past, Manning has come by Coors Field when in town to face the Broncos — he’s even hit a home run taking BP with the Rockies.

Manning won’t be coming to take the field in purple pinstripes. Could Helton bring Manning to Denver? I agree with Todd, if it comes down to Denver and another team, sure, he could help influence Manning’s decision. That would most likely spell the end for Tim Tebow here, but would greatly increase the Broncos’ Super Bowl chances, as Peyton has a WAR of about 7 or 8. I would like to think that Manning would seriously consider Denver and that Helton could have a part in it, but it is doubtful the Broncos will postpone the Tim Tebow Project because of Helton and Manning.

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