In the Rockpile: Disaster streak extends as Guthrie is shopped

Christian Friedrich, loser of his last two starts, is feeling the weight of the Colorado Rockies' implosion. (Denis Poroy, Getty Images)

Can someone put the Colorado Rockies out of their misery? I honestly don’t know what else there is to say about how bad this team is. The rain delay on Sunday saved Jeremy Guthrie from wrecking his ERA like Greece wrecked its credit. Luckily, the Rockies are shopping the 3-6 starter to the Toronto Blue Jays who could use a pitcher with AL East experience.

If there is anyone in the clubhouse who feels like a complete ass, it’s Guthrie. I’m honestly starting to feel bad for the guy because he has pitched so poorly that it is undeniable how badly he needs to be off the roster, finally. There is no hope for turning this around with how inexperienced, hurt and demoralized the starters are. Christian Friedrich, who went 4-2 in his first six MLB starts has now dropped two in a row against line ups with real batting power.

The pitching can’t get right, and now the lineup is suffering it’s own crisis with Troy Tulowitzki re-injuring himself and Carlos Gonzalez straining a hamstring. There is no sense in killing their bodies over a hopeless season that nobody can throw in the towel for. Both of them need to stay down as long as they need to rehab and heal up properly. Losing Ramon Hernandez and Jonathan Herrera hasn’t been the same sort of problem with the likes of Tyler Colvin, Jordan Pacheco batting. Wilin Rosario has been doing his best calling games, though he has been up and down at the plate. Losing the two star players when there is barely a reason to watch the games is only furthering the fact that this team is unwatchable.

It’s painful to watch (who gives up an infield home run?), even more so when the pitching is atrocious and the two biggest names aren’t on the field. The front office needs to stop the bleeding now; unfortunately, only a tourniquet will have any hope of stopping it.

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