Jason Bay: Met on mission

New York, NY – When the New York Mets traded for Jason Bay last year the fans of the orange and blue were excited to see what the former prospect could do. Especially after a monster year with the Boston Red Sox, where it seemed as if the outfielder was hitting everything that was thrown at him.

Even though the outfielder was robbed of a full season with the Mets from a concussion, Bay only was able to get six home runs out of the massive Citi Field last season. And yes the massive field maybe the reason for the problems Bay had, but there is one example of a teammate having success in the park. His name is David Wright and the All-Star believes that Bay can be successful this season.

“He’s a guy that’s much better at pulling the ball than me,” Wright said to www.newyorkmets.com site recently. “With his swing and approach, it will only be a matter of time before the ball will go out of the park.”

If anything Bay could just concentrate on spraying the ball to the different parts of the field, producing doubles and singing and driving in runs again. Bay who is supposed to be one of the elite run producers could use the massive dimensions to his advantage by just making contact.

First and foremost in the outfielders mission is to get healthy, because if not Bay will continue to struggle in a lineup that is already filled with holes. Yes the Mets have Angel Pagan and David Wright, and even new catcher Josh Thole gave New York key hits last season.

But the reason why so many were happy with the acquisition of Bay last season was the idea of someone finally driving in Jose Reyes and the rest of the guys that always seemed to be left on base. Hopefully a healthy Jason Bay will be able to help the Mets accomplish their mission of a successful 2011 Major League Baseball season.

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