Jimmy Rollins and Michael Young clear waivers


Jimmy Rollins gets ready to field a ground ball.
Will Jimmy Rollins be flashing leather for the Phillies come September? (USA TODAY Sports)

The Philadelphia Phillies, who surprisingly stood pat at the trade deadline, may still be trying to get something for some of their veteran players. Veterans Michael Young and Jimmy Rollins have recently cleared waivers, so now the Phils can try to ship them off for prospects and start rebuilding a franchise that is getting older by the second.

There was interest in Young around the trade deadline, but the Phillies did not believe teams offered enough in return for the former star. Young was brought here to be a key contributor this season, but even though his batting average is decent, his overall play at third base and lack of any power forced the Phillies to bring up 23-year-old prospect Cody Asche to get a preview of what the the hot corner will look like in the future.

Jimmy Rollins being placed on waivers is intriguing. He recently stated he has some records he wants to break before he leaves and that he isn’t going anywhere. These statements could be viewed as selfish, but ask any Phillies fan and they will tell you it’s just Jimmy being Jimmy.

One key roadblock for a trade of Jimmy Rollins is he has a no-trade clause that he, without a doubt, will exercise. Rollins does not want to go anywhere. His wife is from the area and he has set himself up locally. At some point, it is realistic to imagine him finishing his career on the West Coast where he grew up, but I don’t see him moving right now.

There has been interest in Jimmy Rollins from the St. Louis Cardinals, and it’s obvious they have a need at shortstop to make another run to a World Series, but still I do not see Jimmy accepting a trade there. He just signed a new contract last season, and he still has one more guaranteed year on it. Most likely, he’s here until the end of that contract — just long enough for him to get his club records and for the Phillies to groom his replacement in the minors.

Young, however, may still be able to be sent to the Yankees or Red Sox for the right price. And with Asche playing every day now, the Phillies would be smart to get whatever they can for Young. A young middle reliever or a single-A prospect may be all that comes in return, but at least it’s something. Young would probably accept a trade at this point, with the season almost over, if the trade partner has a chance for a championship.

It will be sad to see veterans sent packing, especially Jimmy Rollins, but there comes a time for every franchise to make moves that fans may not like in order to salvage what they can for the future. Who knows what the future brings, but the fact both players cleared waivers is something to keep an eye on. They are exactly what contending teams look for to push them over the hump to a title.

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