Logjam in Texas Ranger lineup?

The Texas Rangers recently signed Adrian Beltre, third baseman, to a long-term contract. Now there is talk they are in talks with Vladimir Guerrero. This leads me to ask the questions: Is there a log jam in the Texas Rangers batting lineup?

Beltre will play third base and Michael Young will see action at both first base and DH. Will there be any playing time for Vladimir Guerrero? He no longer has the wheels to play in the outfield. However, he still has the offensive numbers to be put into any MLB lineup!

The fantasy baseball question of the year is this: is Vladimir Guerrero worth drafting in leagues for the 2011 season? I say yes if Michael Young sees most of his action at first base. This will open up playing time for Vladimir. Spring training will be a telling story if first base prospect Chris Davis struggles. If he does struggle this could mean Young does indeed take over firstbase on a full-time basis.

Fantasy baseball draft started today! What round would you draft Vladimir Guerrero? Would you draft him in the AL only league or both leagues? In your mind is Vladimir still a top 20 draft pick?



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  1. I just don’t think he will be too big of a threat. Fantasy wise that is. Maybe it’s because you just don’t hear his name anymore…

  2. Well I don’t think Vlad’s a definite top-20 anymore, even playing regularly with the Rangers (though in Yahoo! standard he was Top 5 for a good chunk of 2010). Depending on position eligibility, I think he’s a legit #2 or 3 OF in a 12+ team mixed league, and has at least a couple 25HR-100RBI-.300 type seasons left (barring injury or benching).

  3. Don’t forget scruffy postseason star Mitch Moreland, also wedging himself into the logjam (and now Napoli could poach some DH time as well). But I’ll always take a shot at Vladdy in a draft – he’s one of the few true naturals.