Speed at top of Red Sox lineup

Today, in the game of MLB, everyone seems to love power ball. You know, the HR derby. Let us see how many home-runs can ARod hit for the New York Yankees? Reality is this: people have forgotten that speed never goes into a slump. The running game can change the outcome of a baseball game. Pitchers lose focus knowing that a speedster may steal second base. This at times will cause the pitcher to throw the wrong pitch or not step off correctly.

This leads me to say, I am so happy to see the Boston Red Sox get back to the old school of baseball; speed! Ellsbury as leadoff hitter followed by Carl Crawford? This will give the Boston Red Sox a deadly 1-2 punch at the top of their batting order. That is some serious speed! It will have opposing teams thinking about defense and catchers rushing a throw. I call this new Boston Red Sox 1-2 punch the quick silver of baseball.

My advice is to draft both players as quickly as you can in your fantasy leagues. My prediction is that both players will hit well over .300 and steal 40-70 bases each. In fact, if healthy, I see Jacoby Ellsbury stealing 74 bases with Crawford at about 56 steals. This will lead to players like Gonzalez and Pedroia to drive in 100+ runs each. Again, I am trilled to death to see quick silver at the top of the lineup for 2011.



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