Texas Rangers Podcast: Injuries, trades and Chris Davis


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 Chris Davis gets high fives at home plate after hitting a home run.
High fives all around for Chris Davis, except maybe in Texas. (Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun)

Chris Davis is having one heck of a, well, half season with the Baltimore Orioles, so everyone in North Texas wants to talk about what might have been had the Texas Rangers not traded Davis two years ago, along with Tommy Hunter, for Koji Uehara.

He was given chance, after chance, after chance to succeed, but it just never happened. Why people think that trade haunts Rangers GM Jon Daniels, I’ll never know.

The trade deadline is coming up and, apparently, the Rangers scouts spent their weekend in Chicago scouting White Sox outfielder Alex Rios. In fact, Rangers catcher A.J. Pierzynski called Rios to let him know Texas was going to make their best effort to acquire him. Not sure if A.J. wanted that conversation to be made public, but it’s a little late for Rios to take it back.

I talk about all that and a lot more, including why a player’s significant other, as well as his family, should be entirely off limits.

All that and more on this addition of Scooping the Texas Rangers.


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