Are Texas Rangers after a $300 million man in Robinson Cano?

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Robinson Cano
Robinson Cano, pictured above, has already turned double plays with Elvis Andrus. Why not?

Robinson Cano is not walking through the saloon doors at the Ballpark in Arlington and he’s not walking into the Texas Rangers’ clubhouse wearing the red, white and blue. (Yes, we love baseball…and America in Texas. What’s up?)

Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York has the Rangers right on the top of his list of destinations for the Yankees’ second baseman, but there’s one problem – the price tag.

According to Marchand, Robinson Cano is looking for a contract north of $300 million. First of all, when was the last time the Rangers and anything close to $300 million ever been something that have been said together?

I get what kind of player Robinson Cano is and his numbers speak for themselves. However, can you actually imagine Jon Daniels, and the rest of the front office, getting together in a conference room and agreeing to actually invest that kind of money? You know, possibly getting close to Albert Pujols years (10), on one player?

Marchand also mentions that Ian Kinsler will slide over to first base to make room for Cano. Really? Last time I checked, Kinsler was unwilling to move positions for Jurickson Profar. While I get Cano is far more established than Profar, there’s still a small problem with talking Kinsler into another Michael “we need you to move positions again” Young type situation.

Speaking of Profar, what exactly are you going to do with a young player who was called the top prospect in all of baseball? If Texas was so willing to trade him wouldn’t they have done it already? Didn’t they hurt his value by having him come off the bench most of this season?

Robinson Cano signs a 10-year, $305 million contract with the Texas Rangers. Would you ever have imagined those words would come out of anyone’s mouth that’s associated with this organization?

Me neither. The Rangers have more holes to fill and second base isn’t real high on my list. Would spending that kind of money handcuff this team in terms of making much needed changes to any position in the coming years? Answer that question and you’ll have your answer on whether or not Cano will be throwing on a Texas Rangers’ uniform.

Happy Friday everybody.

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