Thad Bosley out, Scott Coolbaugh in for Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have made a move on Wednesday afternoon prior to their game against the Detroit Tigers.

Announced to the media in a quick verbal statement from Executive Vice President John Blake, the team had decided to move on without hitting coach Thad Bosley.

The question of why was across the faces of just about every media member standing around outside the Rangers clubhouse. The answer soon came when quotes from players began to show up on Twitter.

Shortstop Elvis Andrus, who talked to Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Anthony Andro, told him Bosely stressed physical adjustments rather than mental ones.

Last year’s MVP, Josh Hamilton, told Andro, “Thad was a good guy. He had a good heart. He just didn’t fit with us. He’s professional the way he approaches the game and the way he approaches teaching the game. It just didn’t mesh with our clubhouse.”

Replacing Bosley will be Scott Coolbaugh, a guy you might remember from an incident surrounding his brother who, while coaching first base, was struck in the head with a line drive during a double-A game. He’s the reason all base coaches now wear helmets when they’re on the field.

Coolbaugh, according to Blake, is on his way to Arlington and should be here on Wednesday evening.


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