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The hottest topics for the week of April 21, 2013 …

Kevin Costner is added to an image of the oldest baseball footage found in Georgia
Kevin Costner’s earliest baseball movie, circa 1919.

A fond farewell: The Colorado Rockies are off to such great start that other teams around the league are trying to find a way that they can fire Jim Tracy.

Helping out: To help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings, the Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball, the MLB Players’ Association and members of Red Sox Nation made donations to The One Fund Boston for about $650,000 – roughly what A-Rod gets for each strike out.

So good, so good: Neil Diamond came to Boston to lead the crowd in the singing of “Sweet Caroline.” Afterwards, he waved to the crowd and was returned to his stasis chamber until his next live appearance.

Freaking cool: Big Papi’s F-bomb in his speech to Fenway Park fans was okayed by the FCC. It turns out the FCC really stands for F*@!ing Communications Commission.

I’ll drink to that! Brewers’ pitcher Yovani Gallardo rebounded from his DUI arrest to beat San Francisco. The Giants were wasted by Gallardo’s juiced fastball, hammered by his loaded curve and smashed by his over-served slider as he was cheered on by Billy Joel, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson.

Who’s on first? After stealing second base, the Brewers’ Jean Segura tried to steal third base, but ended up stealing first base. Somebody needs to do something about the alcohol consumption on this team.

Film school: MLB and its teams are taking thousands of teenagers to see the movie 42. The teens were very moved by the portrayal of Jackie Robinson’s struggles, stating, “Jackie, u r kewl” and “Epic fail racism” and “Branch Rickey got mad swag.”

Huff and puff: Manager Ron Washington was caught by TV cameras smoking in the Rangers dugout. Afterwards he said, “So what? It’s not like there was crack in it … This time.”

Showtime: Researchers have uncovered a nearly 100-year-old home movie of a baseball game in south Georgia – and, yes, of course, Kevin Costner is in this one, too.

Senior living: Derek Jeter suffered a setback in his rehab and probably won’t join the Yankees until after the All-Star break. Things were going fine until that pick-up shuffleboard game.

Houston has a problem: Last week, in one game, Cleveland scored 19 runs against Houston. But, since it was the Astros, the Indians are only being credited with 9.5 runs.

Little big man: Still can’t wrap my head around how the Yankees managed to make a uniform too big for CC Sabathia.

Extra Innings

When you’re a Jet: Darrelle Revis was traded from the New York Jets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Jets received two high draft picks and Tim Tebow in return.

Who are you? Reese Witherspoon got arrested for disorderly conduct during her husband’s arrest for a DUI in Atlanta. Classic Hollywood one-upmanship.

More Witherspoon: Somewhere Ryan Phillipe is smiling.

Cookie monsters: 8,000 suspected pot cookies were found this week in a British Columbia home.  The cookies are currently being tested by a fraternity at local Douglas College with results expected “at some point, man, be cool.”


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