The Hot Corner: World Series, Theo Epstein, Tim Tebow

We've seen better moustaches on Bulgarian gypsy women.


We've seen better mustaches on Bulgarian gypsy women.

The hottest topics for the week of October 23, 2011 …

Cubs and Sox: Theo Epstein is officially in the Cubs organization. Red Sox fans are sad to see him go – and even sadder that he won’t take John Lackey with him.

Mea Kulpa: In game three, umpire Ron Kulpa made one of the worst calls in World Series history on a play that then sparked a Cardinals rally. When asked about it later, Kulpa said, “I’d be more disturbed if I hadn’t just won ten grand on the game.”

More game three: With three homers and six RBI, Albert Pujols and his mighty bat finally woke up and had a historic hitting performance – earning himself the nickname “Mr. October 22nd.”

All or nothing: In game four, the Cardinals got shut out – the day after scoring 15 runs in game three. If I were the Cardinals, I would have saved some of those runs for the next game.

More game four: Sporting a very creepy mustache, Derek Holland pitched a phenomenal game to even the series. He was taken out in the ninth inning after he was mistaken for a local registered sex offender.

Baby geniuses: In game five, Ron Washington and Tony La Russa put on a clinic in awful game management. I’m having fun trying to guess when they’re using the Ouija board or the 12-sided die.

The rating game: The World Series TV ratings are way down. Maybe now the league will listen to my ideas to incorporate ’80s rock star karaoke, midget strippers, a monster truck rally and Cher.

Coke is it: Demi Lovato was very excited to sing the National Anthem before game five of the World Series for her hometown Texas Rangers – even after she found out that the white powder used to line the field was just chalk.

The Met offensive: To increase scoring excitement, the New York Mets are going to move the outfield fences in. Because losing 10-7 will be much more fun than losing 3-1.

Extra Innings

Resurrected: After being down by 15 points to the Miami Dolphins, Tim Tebow rallied the Denver Broncos to a miraculous win. I know it’s his day off, but you’d think God would have more important things to focus on.

The price is wrong: The Oakland Raiders traded two first-round picks to the Cincinnati Bengals for Carson Palmer, who hasn’t been good for years. We can only assume the trade also involved the Raiders getting a time machine.

More Palmer: Raiders coach Hue Jackson refused to disclose Carson Palmer’s readiness to play on Sunday, continuing the Raider policy of “no snitches.”

Say it ain’t so: Rumors are swirling that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce. No reports yet as to why, but my guess is that he finally had a conversation with her.

Yes We Can: After weeks of protests around the country, the Occupy Wall Street organizers have finally gotten what they wanted. The McRib is back at McDonald’s.

Contributors: Eliza Bayne, Zach Pennington, Glen Hentz