To avoid 100 losses, Cubs must kick Astros for next three days

Cubs need three more W’s to avoid a 100-loss season. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

I admit it. The headline is the real reason why this post was written. But, in the last piece I wrote in this space, I stated that if the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks on Sunday, they had an outside chance at sweeping the Astros and avoiding their first 100 loss season since 1966.

The Cubs upheld the first part of the bargain on Sunday, beating Arizona 7-2 with a late-inning offensive surge. Now they come back to Wrigley Field with something to play for, however modest a goal it may be. I’ve criticized that goal, and I’m concerned that avoiding 100 losses will somehow blunt what has been a terrible season overall.

But at the end of it all, I’m a fan. I want this team to do well. If I wasn’t emotionally invested in this team, I wouldn’t have written about them all season long. So, rather than throw in the towel on the season, I’m hoping that the Cubs can give the Astros a fitting National League send-off.

A three-game sweep is the only result that will do in this situation. The Cubs won two of three from Houston at home back in August, but their one loss was a terribly lopsided affair. The Cubs can’t afford that, this time around.

Anything less than a sweep this week will put the Cubs into 100-loss territory, and earn them a special place in the history of professional sports. One way or the other, there will certainly be more to say about it over the coming few days. Stay tuned.

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