TTFB staff selects Mike Trout and Bryce Harper for ROY

TTFB picks for ROY: Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

Here’s a shocker (not): The TTFB staff unanimously selected Angels outfielder Mike Trout as the American League Rookie of the Year. Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes and Texas’ Yu Darvish, the other two finalists in the AL race, didn’t pick up a single vote.

In the National League, the race was only a tad bit closer with Washington’s Bryce Harper receiving 14 of 20 votes. Arizona’s Wade Miley and Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier picked up three votes each.

The awards will be announced live on television for the first time tonight at 6:00 EST on the MLB Network.

Jon SumpleMike TroutBryce Harper
Jamie ShoemakerMike TroutBryce Harper
Jackie MicucciMike TroutBryce Harper
Michael DaultMike TroutBryce Harper
Wyatt SinclairMike TroutTodd Frazier
Paul WestMike TroutBryce Harper
Brad CongelioMike TroutBryce Harper
Jacob KarasikMike TroutBryce Harper
Mike VisoMike TroutBryce Harper
Kevin LochnerMike TroutWade Miley
Dustin SalyerMike TroutBryce Harper
Danny ZyskindMike TroutBryce Harper
Travis CalvinMike TroutWade Miley
John ThiedeMike TroutBryce Harper
Kevin CoughlinMike TroutBryce Harper
Jake MastroianniMike TroutWade Miley
Anthony FusilliMike TroutTodd Frazier
Jed RigneyMike TroutBryce Harper
Matthew HamiltonMike TroutBryce Harper
Chol SaudersMike TroutTodd Frazier



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