Projecting Atlanta Braves Lineup: Insert Brian McCann and Josh Donaldson

Braves Sign Brian McCann and Josh Donaldson


The Braves just struck a deal with Brian McCann, inking him for a mere $2MM and Josh Donaldson followed suit, but signed a much larger deal in $23MM. Both are one year deals with no options. These two moves, while many may not flinch at, has major implications on the trade and free agency markets.

First off, Brian McCann signing takes the braves out of the J.T. Realmuto trade scene. That’s one less trade suitor for the large return the Marlins are expecting. Signing Donaldson for $23MM takes a huge chunk out of the Braves “free money” available to sign/trade for big bats or arms. They still have three areas to go. And Austin Riley? Not ready, ready and giving more time, or traded?

In Order of needs:

Relief Pitching
Right Field
Starting Pitching

Without really knowing how right field will play out, lets take a look at where it currently stands.

  1. Ronald Acuna – LF
  2. Ender Inciarte – CF
  3. Freddie Freeman – 1B
  4. Josh Donaldson – 3B
  5. Brian McCann/Tyler Flowers – C
  6. Ozzie Albies – 2B
  7. Adam Duvall – RF
  8. Dansby Swanson/Johan Camargo – SS

What if Camargo learned to play right field? That could give the Braves options too. Next up for the Braves is to revamp the bullpen. Thoughts on the lineup?

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