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Are the Phillies really interested in Jorge Soler?

by Chol Souders | Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
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Jorge Soler may be on Philadelphia's radar.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan, the Phillies are very interested in Cuban stud Jorge Soler. While it is likely Soler will end up in Chicago playing outfield for the Cubs, it is still awesome to imagine this 19-year-old plugged into the Phillies outfield in the future.

Will the Phillies really try to sign this blue-chip prospect? Soler is a five-tool talent whose presence would bulk up the Phillies depleted farm system. He is expected to command the attention of many teams and could ultimately be a superstar in the making. It is a huge surprise that the Phillies are even considering signing him at this point. Obviously, the possibility of talent is there, but it is very out of character for the Phillies to get involved in any talks with an unproven talent that will command such a high financial commitment. Add to the fact the Phillies rarely bring international talent into their farm system and the deal looks even more unlikely to happen.

As a fan, I would love the aggressive approach by management to get this kid. He could realistically lead us into another decade of competing for the pennant; however, it could cost more than first perceived. Signing Soler would all but guarantee that the Phils were not resigning Cole Hamels. Do we really want to trade a proven ace for the possibility of a superstar in the future? If I had to choose, I would throw the money at Cole, but that’s my opinion.  Remember, not all can’t-miss prospects are really can’t-miss.

Again, it is probably likely that he ends up in Chicago, but it definitely is cool hearing the Phillies name being thrown around concerning a top prospect. Remember when Gregg Jeffries was considered a huge signing for the Phillies? Yep, things have changed a little lately. Now, if they could just sign a television deal for their own network and sign both Hamels and Soler. Then the dream may become a reality.

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