The Best Baseball Pants for 2020: Our Top Picks

What Kind Do You Need?

There are all kinds of baseball pants to fit your needs. Baseball pants come in different colors, have different options available such as piping or other designs, pockets with buttons or without buttons, and more.

Finding the right pair of baseball pants is an important step before stepping foot on the field and could potentially have an impact on how you play the game. The right pair of pants will help you feel more comfortable and look your best so that you can play your best when it counts.

High or Low Baseball Pants?

One of the first factors you can take into consideration is whether you want to wear your baseball pants up or down. Wearing your baseball pants “up” meaning having an elastic cuff around knee-length and showing your socks. This is a timeless look that is often overlooked in exchange for comfort by today’s players.

Wearing your baseball pants down usually means having no elastic cuff anywhere on the pant. This leaves the baseball pants lying over the top of the cleat. There is no practical difference between the two styles of wearing your baseball pants, it is all a matter of personal preference. However, finding which style is more comfortable for you will be important in deciding on the right pair of baseball pants.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Baseball Pants

ModelPriceAverage Rating
Nike Pro Vapor

Best Overall
Check Price4.8 / 5
Mizuno Men’s Premier

Best Value
Check Price4.7 / 5
Aidas Triple Stripe Open Bottom

Our Favorite
Check Price4.7 / 5

Nike Mens Pro Vapor Baseball Pants

nike pro vapor long

With Nike set to take over MLB uniforms next year, it is unsurprising that these pants are a top seller.

Combining Nike’s technology and innovation with feedback from the professionals gives them an upper hand on the competition. Nike claims that these pants feature superior breathability and a secure fit.

The Nike Mens Pro Vapor Baseball Pants are made of 100% polyester and come with unique features such as grip on the inside of the waist band to keep your jersey tucked in, mesh paneling in the back of the knee to improve breathability, snap closures and zippered fly, and two back pockets.

These pants are also available in black, white, and grey so they are sure to match your team’s uniform requirements. You can find these in size small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Nike Men’s Pro Vapor High

nike vapor baseball high

As you can tell by the name, these are the same pair as the previous ones but with a high style (meaning the cuff is right below the knee). The high version has all the same fabric and features but are also tailored for your movements to limit on-field distractions. The cuff below the knee also features rubber grip to hold onto your socks.

Mizuno Men’s Premier Pro Baseball Pants

mizuno premier pro long

Mizuno is a bit of a lesser known brand compared to the big dogs like Nike and Adidas but they seem to have a growing presence in the baseball world.

The Mizuno Premier pants offers supportive fit with strategic protection to keep you comfortable and safe. Some of the important features include front snaps and a zipper fly, two back pockets with buttons, and a double knee to keep you safe when you slide. Mizuno offers these in white and grey in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Mizuno Men’s MVP Pro Short Length

mizuno mvp pro short

Sticking with Mizuno, we are going to look at their high version baseball pants. Though the name is different, the pants seem relatively similar to the Premier pants but with an 18″ inseam letting the pants go just below the knee.

Most importantly, these still offer a double knee to keep your knees safe from scrapes. Mizuno also offers these in both white and black, but adds extra-small to their size offering in addition to small, medium, large, and extra large.

Adidas Men’s Triple Stripe Open Bottom Baseball Pants

adidas triple stripe long

Adidas’ top pair of baseball pants combines the lightweight performance of their climalite fabric with soil release technology which provides players with a durable pair of baseball pants.

Some of the features of these pants include the grip on the waistband to help keep your jersey tucked, a relaxed fit, reinforced knees, two angled back pockets, and a two snap button closure. One of the key features of these pants is the soil release technology.

Adidas’ soil release treatment helps resist dirt and grass stains to ensure a good looking uniform all season long. The Triple Stripe Open Bottom Pant is available in black, grey, and small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Adidas Men’s Triple Stripe Knicker

adidas triple stripe baseball knicker

Adidas’ Knicker version of their Tripe Stripe pants offers a combination of classic length with a hint of a relaxed fit. One major downfall of the Knicker version is that it does not seem to have the soil release treatment that the open bottom version has.

This is a bit of a downfall for these pants as they otherwise seem like a decent choice. The Knicker version is available in black, white, and grey as well as extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, or the Field?

Going into the research, it seemed like this was Nike’s contest to lose.

And, in our opinion, Nike lost.

Adidas’s soil release treatment and lower price make them the top choice for your next pair of baseball pants during the 2020 season.

Thanks to the soil release treatment, they may even still be your pair of baseball pants for the 2021 season. These pants are built to last which is important when selecting one of the key parts of your baseball uniform.

Final Thoughts on Best Baseball Pants for 2020

Many of the options above also allow you to customize certain features of the pants, including piping, pinstripes, and fit.

Some of the other smaller name brands that don’t quite compete with the big dogs include Easton, EvoShield, Marucci, Wilson, and Rawlings. While these brands may be lesser known, that does not mean that they do not make quality baseball pants that meet your needs. EvoShield is known for making high quality protective gear, while Marucci and Easton are known for their bats, and Rawlings and Wilson are the worldwide leaders in baseball gloves.

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