Best Baseball Gloves: The Complete List for 2019

Just like any other product, not all baseball gloves are made the same. Which is why we are happy to give you our list of the best baseball gloves for 2019.

In order to provide you with this list, we have pain stinkingly crawled the internet looking at all the various sites that not only sell baseball gloves, but allow verified buyers of the gloves to leaves reviews. In order to create our list of the best baseball gloves for 2019, we created an aggregate of these reviews in order to reach our top ten.

So, without further ado …

2019’s Best Baseball Gloves: The Top 5

  • Wilson A2000
Wilson A2000 - best baseball gloves of 2019
The Wilson A2000: one of the best baseball gloves on the market

The Wilson A2000 is simply one of the best baseball gloves on the market. And, because of this, you will pay the price for it … it can be yours for the price of roughly $260.

That being said, though: it is totally worth the money. The review for the gloves speak for themselves.

This glove will last years. His hand will likely outgrow it before it wears out. Once you buy it, go to Wilson’s site and follow Shigeaki Aso’s method for breaking it in. Don’t use heavy oils or dunk it in water. Continually work it like he does and simply catch with it. It’s worth every penny.

Chad, Verified Purchase

To put it simply: the Wilson A200 is one of – if not the – best baseball gloves that money can buy. But, we understand that not everybody is willing to spend that kind of money on a glove, so our next pick is a glove that is nearly on par with the Wilson A200 but comes in a little bit lower in the price tag area.

  • Wilson A900
The Wilson A900 - best baseball gloves of 2019
The Wilson A900

There is a reason that Wilson resides in the top two sports of our best baseball gloves list: it is because they produce the finest baseball gloves money can buy.

And, thankfully, the Wilson A900 is a bit cheaper than the Wilson A2000.

Very nice glove. The leather quality is a big step up from the A500 series. As far as I can tell the leather is similar to the A1000s. Both will have a much faster break-in than A2000. Similar to Rawlings Gamer series or Mizuno MVP Prime Future. 

Bill, Verified Purchase

Bill brings up an excellent point about the Wilson A900. It maintains a superior quality of leather, but not so high-end that it is actually an issue like you see with the Wilson A2000.

If you are looking for an outstanding gloves that does not require long, tedious hours of breaking in, then the Wilson A900 is for you.

  • Rawlings Player Preferred
Rawlings Player Preferred - Best Baseball Gloves of 2019
The Rawlings Player Preferred

Priced at an accessible $49.95, the Rawlings Player Preferred glove is just one in a line of outstanding gloves produce by Rawlings (in the same line, Rawlings also produces the Pro-Preferred Series, Select Pro-Lite Series, Gamer Series, Mark of a Pro Light Series, and the Renegade Series).

Despite all of those options, the Player Preferred model makes our list of this year’s best baseball gloves for a couple of reasons.

First, unlike higher priced options, the Rawlings Player Preferred glove comes with a break-in ratio of 80%-to-20%. That means that the factory has broken the glove in 80% of the way, leaving you with the remaining 20% to perfect the glove’s feel to your liking.

Second, it comes shipped with quality full-grain, pre-oiled leather which both permits you to do a quicker break in, but to do it cheaply as well since you do not have to purchase your own oil to do so.

The Rawlings Player Preferred model comes in several variations, including infield, pitcher, outfield, first base, and catcher …. or, in other words, it covers every position on the field. It is a versatile glove that provides a cheap entry into higher-end glove models. It really does meet the best of both worlds.

Finally, many of the reviews on Amazon are some of the best we’ve ever seen for baseball gloves. For example:

Very good glove for the price. I purchased this (actually two) as gifts. Since I had purchased other baseball gloves recently I have a good idea of what is available in this price range. These are well build and a very good quality-fit with the competition.

Straight_Talk, Verified Amazon Purchase
  • Rawlings Gamer XLE Series
Rawlings Gamer XLE - best baseball gloves of 2019
Rawlings Gamer XLE

At an extremely reasonable $99.95, the Rawlings Gamer XLE series glove provide an excellent overall experience. With a modified trap-eze and basket, the Gamer XLE series is an outstanding step up from the aforementioned Player Preferred series if you are looking for something a little more high end.

However, compared to its companion in the Player Preferred series, this glove has a break in ratio of 70%-to-30%, meaning you will need to put in a little more work to get it field ready.

That being said, the glove is constructed using Tennessee tanning rawhide leather laces that give it both outstanding durability and strength … but items you should be looking for if you are dropping roughly $100 on a baseball glove.

The Amazon reviews seem to agree that this glove is well worth the money:

Needed a new glove for softball but did not want to break the bank. This worked out great and I am very pleased!

Michael, Verified Amazon Purchase
  • Mizuno Classic Pro
Mizuno Classic Pro
Mizuno Classic Pro

When most people think about the best baseball gloves on the market, they typically tend to think of Rawlings and Wilson.

And that makes sense, since both companies produce – arguably – the finest baseball gloves year in and year out.

But you wouldn’t be during your search for a new baseball glove justice if you did not give the Mizuno Classic Pro some serious consideration.

Mizuno constructed the Classic Pro with throwback leather which enables the glove to maintain its shapes and feel over an extended period of time. Moreover, it comes pre-oiled which, like the gloves above, limited the amount of breaking in that you have to do so that you can get it on the field sooner.

But, for a glove that some are arguing is as good as any Wilson or Rawling, you will be paying considerably less. Right now, the Mizuno Classic Pro is listed for $139.95.

In fact, some of the reviews on Amazon are saying that longtime users of the Wilson A2000, as listed above, are officially switching to Mizuno after using it for the first time.

I have used Wilson A2000 for 40 years and this mitt is very comparable in feel and quality. Buy with confidence. This mitt is outstanding. I have coached for more than 30 years and there is no need to have more mitt than this one… Great job Mizuno.

Scott, Verified Amazon Purchase

And, as Scott from Texas mentioned, despite the leather being stiff and needing broken in, it is an outstanding glove that can go toe-to-toe with the “big boys” of baseball gloves in 2019.

Very nice glove. The leather is very stiff, but great quality and should last a long time once broken in.

Scott, Verified Amazon Purchase

The Best Gloves Outside The Top 5

The options really expand once you get out of the top 5 best baseball gloves for 2019.

Franklin Sports Master Series
The Franklin Spots Master Series is perfect for non-competitive players at only $10.15

For example, if you are not interested in a high-end baseball glove but would prefer a much cheaper one that still provides high-quality action, then look no further than the Franklin Sports Master Series.

It may not be the prettiest looking glove, but it certainly doesn’t break the bank at only $10.15.

As many of the reviews states, this glove is perfect for those of you looking to knock the ball around the local park with buddies or as part of a non-competitive league:

Amazing value for money! I’m just an old dude who enjoys knocking the ball around with the neighborhood kids,but I had some great gloves growing up.Couple years ago ,I purchased a big name brand,somewhat expensive glove.It was the right size but I just never bonded with it.Gave it to Goodwill.I bought this for the cool,great,pure idea that it was made using no leather.I have no problem cutting those cows a break.Bottom line, this is an amazingly good glove for an amazing price.Somewhat shocked.

Jerry, Verified Amazon Purchase
Louisville Slugger Genesis - baseball glove
The Louisville Slugger Genesis is a happy medium between high-priced and low-end gloves at $34.00

While most known for their baseball bats, Louisville Slugger also makes a quality baseball glove in the Genesis line. It currently costs a reasonable $34.00, so it is a nice medium between high-priced competitive baseball gloves and low-end, but still serviceable gloves, like the Franklin.

Made from buffalo leather, the glove maintains a traditional feel while also being relatively game ready off of the shelve – meaning there will be very little need to do a breaking in of the glove.

Short of the laces sometimes coming untied, as mentioned in the below review, Louisville Slugger constructed a high-quality glove that is worthy of being included as one of the best baseball gloves of 2019.

We love this mit and get every time we need to size up. I have heard they run a little small, and i’m Not sure on that. But this mit already feels broken in when you get it. And with a little oil glove treatment, it like Velcro for the ball. We didn’t even do any treatment on this one and it was ready to go!! I do notice that the laces sometimes come untied on this after some time. But I will take that trade for the quality.

April, Verified Amazon Purchase

Best Baseball Gloves of 2019: Conclusion

It is difficult to give a hard-and-true answer to what baseball glove is going to be the best for you.

Are you an amateur playing on the weekends with your buddies in a keg league? Or are you a more competitive player?

Moreover, what do you desire more out of your baseball glove? Ultimately capability, or the need to break it in as little as possible when you purchase it off the shelve?

The above gloves provide you all those options. The Wilson A2000, for example, is a baseball glove best used by those playing in super competitive leagues that are looking for every little advantage.

On the other hand, the Franklin Sports Master Series is more suitable for a person playing in a keg league that is less likely to be taking the whole thing too seriously.

The best baseball glove for you really depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

And, because of that, the above list – while not exhaustive – is certainly inclusive enough to provide you all the possible options to fit your needs.