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TTFB fantasy leagues down to the last three leagues

by Jamie Shoemaker | Posted on Thursday, March 21st, 2013
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Through The Fence Baseball has room for teams in its eight-league fantasy baseball challenge! Each league features bragging rights and a $20 purse. And a bigger kick was just added: Each fantasy baseball league winner will be added to one league next year where the winner will take home the big prize — $100. All that to play a free game! You’re already playing fantasy baseball, why not win cash along with it?

You will need to click here to get started (come back to this page!).

From there:

  • Click Join A League
  • Log in using your Yahoo!, Facebook or Google account
  • Left hand side where you see Accept Invite, input the below credentials of the league of your choice.
  • Voilà! Entered!

Pretty easy, huh? Hurry, because they will fill fast.

These leagues have already filled or drafted: TTFB National League, TTFB American League, TTFB Conference League, TTFB Singles League, Finals League are all drafted/full.

Here’s the rundown of fantasy baseball leagues still open:

TTFB Division League – Draft: March 27th – 8:00 pm – Hall of  Shame (Worst teams wins!) [eight spots left]

TTFB Homers League – Draft: March 25 – 8:00 pm – Homers (Just  the long ball!) [four spots left]

TTFB Wins League – Draft: March 22 – 5:15 pm – Head-to-Head  One Win [nine spots left]

If a league fills up or you want more leagues, be sure tojoin additional teams with the number-one fantasy baseball site on the web!

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