10 Braves Prospects and Players Likely To Be Traded

With under a week to go until the only trade deadline, there’s a lot of eyes on the Braves minor leagues. Understandably, the Braves are starving for relief pitching. They could use another proven stable starting pitcher, but with the prices beyond comfortable level, it’s unlikely unless there is a combo trade for a starter and a reliever. Think Marcus Stroman and Ken Giles or Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith. You get the hint.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 players likely to be dealt, in order.

  1. Adam Duvall – This 30 year old power outfielder is putting up career numbers in AAA. With 29 homers and nice peripheral stats, the Braves have no room, and Duvall would certainly help a team like the Indians. Look for Duvall to be traded, but it most likely wont be for what you want. If he’s in a trade for a top reliever or pitcher, he would just be a throw in. Duvall will most likely be traded for cash, low level prospect, or free soda in the locker room.
  2. Alex Jackson – Who doesn’t need Catchers? The Braves have William Contreras in the waiting.
  3. Luiz Gohara – Remember him? He still has a lot of talent and if he can manage his weight and life, he could be an impactful pitcher. This former top prospect could be on the move.
  4. Kyle Wright – Yes, the Braves #2 prospect could be on the move. If the Braves are going to get that pitcher or bundle, Wright will most likely be included. He’s the cream of the top of 7843 pitching prospects the Braves have.
  5. Kolby Allard – Of all the top pitching arms after this, Allard is the most ready, which means he’s probably the first that a team will ask about. Depending on the trade partner, most want a major league ready arm. It certainly helps. If the Indians trade Trevor Bauer, certainly helps them if they get a major league arm back in return for depth.
  6. Drew Waters – Another player the Braves would hate to lose. He’s raking and plays a position the Braves will need in a few years. Right now, Ronald Acuna is the sole outfielder after this year. Austin Riley will more than likely move back to 3B (unless the Braves re-up with Josh Donaldson) which would leave two spots remaining. They could fill with Drew Waters and Cristian Pache. A dream Braves fans have been salivating over for years.
  7. AJ Graffanino – This shortstop is about two years away. He won’t be as good as Dansby Swanson and Ozzie Albies, nor Johan Camargo, but middle infielders command value due to their versatility. Braves just have the luxury at that position to trade.
  8. Bryse Wilson, Kyle Muller, Joey Wentz, Patrick Weigel (and any other prospect with P next to their name) – It’s a known fact. Braves are LOADED on pitching. In fact, anyone in their top 20 could most likely be top 10 in any other team’s prospect list. If they are to trade, a pitcher will be gone. Maybe two.
  9. Ian Anderson & Cristian Pache – The Braves do not want to trade these two guys. Are they untouchable? No. But if they can secure an impact trade without losing these two, it’s a win for them. Of the two, Anderson is most likely to go due to pitching depth.
  10. Ender Inciarte – What Braves fan doesn’t want to see him go at this point? He could very well headline a trade for a pitcher, although the team getting him wont say he is the catch, but probably that top prospect that will be included. Braves don’t have room for him and the offense is weaker now that he is back. Insert Austin Riley.


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