A Florida Marlins batboy’s perspective: The roller coaster of a season

Here I am explaining the strikezone to the homeplate umpire.

Author’s note: With the 2011 season being over for my team, the Florida Marlins, I now have plenty of time to post more stories about my season. Every week, I will have a new story on every part of the year — from March all the way through September.

This season, I have seen the game in all aspects. From tears of joy and celebration, all the way to fighting and many tiring, agonizing days. One day being a playoff contender to last place in the NL East. It has been a year of ups and downs.

It is the dream of most baseball fans to work for a professional baseball team. Some would do anything to work for one. From my point of view, this can be the greatest job of your life to your worst. I happen to love it.

There is nothing better than being a part of something special. I know a million other kids would love to have my job. People think it is easy; they are far from right.

Fans who are not a part of it, don’t realize the amount of stress that comes with the season. One day you are celebrating a walk-off home run, the next day your team is on SportsCenter because of certain “issues” that come with every team.

The game is more of a mind scrambler than anything else. In the end, there is a winner and a loser, just like any other game. The game of baseball, though, is much more than a game. For some people, it is a passion; and for me, it definitely is. I get to be a part of it all year round. As I post more stories about this season, you will get to understand what goes on, off and on the field and other things that come along with working with a major league team.

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