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Through The Fence Baseball, a Google News verified site, delivers news, rumors, fantasy analysis, prospect watching, and unique insight from fans and established writers who cover everything about baseball.  From top prospects to the funniest baseball pictures, to your favorite baseball team, TTFB covers everything about baseball with its impressive and growing staff. Sites like Sportingnews, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Washington Post, Yellow Pages, ESPN, MLB.com and more than 1,400 sites have linked to TTFB!

For inquires, advertising, or questions, email us at throughthefencebaseball@gmail.com.

President & CEO – Through The Fence Sports Corp: Jamie Shoemaker

Jamie Shoemaker
Jamie Shoemaker

Jamie founded Through The Fence Baseball and currently resides as the President & CEO of Through The Fence Sports Corp that runs TTFB.  Growing up, he played baseball from age 6 all the way till his last college at-bat, while watching baseball almost every day on TBS. Jamie has extensive worked in the athletic departments of the NCAA and NAIA levels, instant replay, and marketing/social media for businesses. Jamie can be reached at throughthefencebaseball@gmail.com, and you can connect with him on Twitter here.



CTO – Through The Fence Sports Corp: Brad Congelio

Currently a PhD student in Olympic History, Brad is studying, and writing his dissertation on, the Reagan administration’s response to the Soviet boycott of the 1984 LA Olympics and how the foreign policy enacted continued the ‘Secret Cold War’ in the Olympic realm. He is also highly-interested in the recreational culture of the Black Hills gold rush (and, thus, the story of the little known Mt. Rushmore baseball team). Brad currently holds a Masters degree in Sport Management and an undergraduate degree in journalism. He was awarded the 2007 Cochran Award for Outstanding Achievement in Collegiate Journalism. Brad can be contacted at brad@throughthefencebaseball.com.

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