Alex Rodriguez is a rat; needs to be banned from MLB


Alex Rodriguez exhales at the end of inning while handing his batting helmet to a coach.
If the 60 Minutes report is true, Alex Rodriguez has tarnished his image beyond reproach.

Maybe my views on Alex Rodriguez are a little harsh, but someone needs to show A-Rod that he is not above the game of baseball.  He’s cheated and lied about his PED usage. And now a report comes out from 60 Minutes that A-Rod’s “people” were the ones who leaked the names of Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli to media outlets.

First off, I am a big supporter of uncovering the truth. However, it is despicable that Alex Rodriguez would deflect the blame from himself and onto others so MLB would shift its focus. According to reports, Rodriguez even ousted teammate Francisco Cervelli to the media. To betray a teammate and comrade in baseball like that is unbelievable. How could anyone stoop so low? It’s like Alex Rodriguez is a child and Major League Baseball is his playground.

Rodriguez’s lawyer denied the reports that A-Rod’s people were the source of the Biogenesis rumors stating: “The allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex — this time by driving a wedge between Alex and other players in the game. While Alex focuses on baseball and repeatedly states that he is going to respect the appeal process, the drumbeat of false allegations continues.”

I don’t know what baseball fans should believe. This saga of twists and turns is a true representation of the steroid era. No one knows what’s coming next. That is the ultimate shame of the steroid era; no one knows what (or who) to believe. If these latest reports are true, then A-Rod needs to be banned from baseball forever.

This is worse than the Pete Rose saga. For those baseball people who believe betting on baseball is worse than PED usage, answer me this: Did Pete Rose destroy the reputation of his fellow players? Did Rose step on any other man’s career while denying the truth? Did Rose tarnish the legacy of all baseball players for years to come? The answer my friends is no. Pete Rose didn’t go that far. Alex Rodriguez has gone far and beyond the call of arrogance and greed. He believes baseball is nothing more than a stepping stone in his life. This is a man who never takes fault for his own actions. He lies and cheats whenever given the opportunity. Why should he remain in baseball after all he’s done?

Now, don’t get me wrong; Ryan Braun deserved to be suspended. In fact, he should been suspended through 2014 just like A-Rod. Braun’s actions were heartless and arrogant; something the game of baseball needs to shed from its core. If these reports are true, then the case vs. Alex Rodriguez has grown immensely for Major League Baseball. Baseball can prove that A-Rod has done nothing but disgrace the game over recent memory. The days of fans idolizing a 20-year-old shortstop from Miami are over. Rodriguez is baseball’s black eye. Like any black eye, time will heal all wounds. However, baseball needs to get medicine for its black eye. I believe “the doctor” would recommend a heavy dose of banishment for Alex Rodriguez.

Matthew Orso is a writer for Through the Fence Baseball. He is the Media Manager of County Baseball Publications LLC. and author of “Bonded at the Seams: Baseball in our Lives.”

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