Are Baseball Fans Legally Allowed to Bet in the USA?

It’s a new world for baseball fans across the USA as sports betting is in full swing if you know where to go. You may want yo check out this MLB picks and parlays page here to gain access to all the latest baseball info!

Unfortunately, while sports betting was legalized around this time last year, it wasn’t legalized for everyone, which has some baseball fans who want to back their predictions not knowing if they are legally allowed to place a bet. 

Here, we’ll be breaking all of the states in which you are allowed to place a bet on baseball as well as which markets you can find in online sports betting. Online sports betting gives fans a new way to enhance the experience of watching the great game of baseball, so those who can partake should know what options are available to them at their convenience. 

The legal landscape of online baseball betting in the USA

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Last year, New Jersey became one of the first states outside of Nevada to legalize sports betting within its borders. Having championed the legal changes, New Jersey opening its betting shops was a major occasion across the nation, with many other states following suit. Now, legislation has also been passed in New Mexico, Delaware, West Virginia, and Mississippi for legal online betting USA at set websites. These legalized betting sites offer much more than just markets like the outright winner of the World Series, for which the Astros are +350 to the Dodgers’ +400, and have the license to go deep into each game to offer new ways to bet. 

Furthermore, many other states are said to be well on their way to legalizing sports betting as well. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and New York are the most likely to legalize before the end of 2019, with others like California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky expressing interest in joining in on the legal betting action. Given the scale of the USA, there is a relatively small number of jurisdictions in which baseball fans can place a bet, but that’s better than just one, and now many more MLB followers can bet on a wide range of specialized markets. 

The many ways to bet on baseball

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All of the online betting websites will vary in their baseball offering, but for the most part, betting websites in the US offer a deep range of MLB markets for each game and outrights. Some will also offer odds on outrights and games in other major leagues across the world. In New Jersey, Nevada, Mississippi, Delaware, New Mexico, and West Virginia baseball fans were able to back the early outright favorites for the 2019 World Series and can continue to do so now. 

Online bettors in the US can back a wide range of outright markets, including for the World Series, derby winners, league winners, division winners, and award winners. But due to the ever-changing nature of the baseball power rankings, some prefer to bet on individual baseball games. On most websites, MLB fans can back the result of any game as well as elements like the total runs, strikeouts thrown, players to hit a home run, and the first team to score. 

If you’re a baseball fan in one of the six states where online sports betting has been legalized, you can bet on games and competitions to your heart’s content. If you live elsewhere, however, you’ll either have to wait for your state government to enact a statute to legalize sports betting or pop over to one of the states where it has been legalized. Or, you can visit an 해외배팅사이트 to play your favorite casino games.

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