Baseball betting: Trade rumors run amok

baseball betting
An Ike Davis trade to the Pirates could alter the trajectory of the upcoming baseball betting season. (NY Times)

It is that time of year again: Fantasy baseball is about to start, and the baseball betting season is getting into gear. And, yes, trade rumors are running amok, causing all sorts of havoc in both the betting and fantasy worlds.

In my last column, I wrote about the importance of having a solid rotation in the money line betting system. Indeed, it is very important. But, you also need some bats behind those arms to secure victories.

Never, ever disregard the importance of a solid lineup in baseball betting. True, I will always take a solid pitcher over an average lineup. But, conversely, an outstanding lineup can sometimes trump the rotation — in which case, I urge you to place your bet elsewhere.  That is why it is so vitally important to keep an eye on any trades or signings that can significantly bolster any team’s lineup.

So, with that in mind, what sort of trades are we looking at that could have implications in the upcoming baseball betting season?

Well, first and foremost, one has to wonder where Ike Davis will end up. There has been discussion for some time now that the Pittsburgh Pirates have major interest in the New York Met. Will it be a major upgrade? I argue it will be. The Pirates currently have Gaby Sanchez in that spot. And, remember folks: Sanchez batted in a astronomical 36 runs over 136 games last year. And, yes, that was incredibly heavy sarcasm in that last sentence.

The final verdict: If the Pirates can successfully swindle a deal for Davis, their lineup is that much stronger. I think we can all agree that Davis will surpass the 36 RBI mark set by Sanchez. And he is a legitimate threat to go deep 30 or so times this year. As long as he is healthy — and gets that boot off his foot — I think Davis will be an incredible addition to the Pirates. And, in doing so, the Pirates become a bit of a safer bet game in and game out.

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And what of Matt Kemp and the Dodgers? It is likely that Kemp is going to be the person shown the door from the Dodgers’ crowded outfield roster. And it is also likely that he is going to be healthy enough to play by the end of March. But, will he be with the Dodgers when all is said and done? I would not be surprised to see him move elsewhere. But, honestly, I have no clue as to where. It is one of the major question marks looming over the baseball betting season thus far.

And, lastly, let’s discuss a pitching scenario. The Rangers made a big acquisition this offseason by getting Prince Fielder. But, the Rangers need a pitcher … and many top-notch scouts doubt Fielder’s pitching abilities. With Derek Holland out until the All-Star break, what are the Rangers likely to do? My best guess is that the Cubs and Rangers will work out a deal to send Jeff Samardzija to big ol’ Texas. In terms of baseball betting implications, such a trade would force me to lay off the Rangers for some time — at least until after the Break when Holland can come back from his time off.

Remember: Baseball betting is no different from fantasy baseball — you need to keep up with the current rumors and happenings in the wonderful world of baseball. It is attention to such detail that leads to the winning bets.

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