Best Baseball Alternate Jerseys in the MLB

Below ranks the top 15 Baseball Alternate Jerseys.

15. New York Mets

This Mets jersey was released in 1998, matching the home white alternate with the blue letters and numbers with a white outline and orange drop shadow. The Mets wear this jersey with the white home alternate pants or the grey away pants.

14. Los Angeles Dodgers

This Dodgers jersey also came to the MLB in the late 90s, it was worn again in the 2014. From what I researched, the Dodgers do not plan on wearing this jersey a lot, but people love the blue.

13. Chicago Cubs

The cubs wear this jersey on the road frequently, not because of the day of the week. It usually depends on which pitcher is starting. This Royal blue is a classic in Chicago.

12. Tampa Bay Rays

This jersey has the rays fairly new logo on the front that was introduced in 2018. This logo replaced the old logo that used to have the diamond behind the “Rays”. This alternate make number 12 on our list.

11. Houston Astros

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The spirit of the Astros has always been out of something trend setting. The rainbow uniforms went through many changes during the 12 season they were worn. designed by McCann Erickson during the 1975 season, but it doesn’t crack the top 10.

10. Colorado Rockies

This is the Rockies signature uniform, just because its a signature doesn’t mean it’s the best one. This sleeveless uni is the most distinct of the Rockies.

9. Milwaukee Brewers

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This alternate jersey is a classic, with Milwaukee across the chest. Even though the Brewers logo was changed a handful of times since.

8. Oakland Athletics

This alternate jersey can vary from the yellow Athletics across the chest or they have the yellow Oakland across the chest. Either way this alternate is still fresh.

7. Atlanta Braves

When the Braves moved out of Milwaukee to Atlanta they decided to get some new threads. This uniform is beautiful with its simplicity but only stand at seven.

6. Boston Red Sox

The original version of the red sox alternate uniform was introduced in 2003. Red Sox is displayed across the chest in blue lettering outlined in white, this alternate is classic and has history about it.

5. Toronto Blue Jays

This jersey may be despised by former GMs and fans. There were some of the franchise all-time greats such as Bautista and Encarnacion. they got this logo in 1977 and kept it until 1996.

4. Minnesota Twins

The color of this jersey works well, the blue really brings out the Red stripes. Also the Red “Twins Logo” with white outlining pops on the Navy blue.

3. Kansas City Royals

The powdered blue is always a good look. Kansas city blues first appearance with this jersey was in 1973, the logo across the front is now in white instead of royal blue.

2. Texas Rangers

The Rangers have been changing the logo since 1972, but this alternate is always a fan favorite and that’s why it makes number 2.

1. Philadelphia Phillies

This city of Brotherly Love classic makes number 1 because of the history behind these threads. Some of the Phillies best players played in this jersey, some great things happened in this jersey.

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