Best Baseball Gloves

Best Baseball Gloves

When starting off playing baseball from t-ball to major league players everyone has to start with a bat and the best baseball glove. A baseball glove comes down to the defensive side of the game and a player’s best friend on the field. The stinging from a line drive to shortstop can leave a stinger in the player’s palm from a glove not having enough support. One’s glove can start leaning to a side from the leathers not being genuine or the glove can be too heavy and they may need a new pocket stringing depending on the brand you plan to go with. Do you need the best of the best to be the elite player? No, but it may be helpful. There seems to be a lot to consider when picking the best baseball glove for you and your play, but do not worry, this article is to look into the three top baseball glove brands and their rankings.


Starting off with Mizuno and working our way up the rankings; Mizuno is a high school, elite travel,or rec league glove. Mizuno has a very nice padding wall made from a US Kip leather making this a good tool for infielders, outfielders and pitchers. We all know line drives to the middle of the glove can leave a great stinger. The US kip leather along the palm makes this glove very durable and gives a long lasting shape with an easy break in. 

Every baseball glove is made with different webbing options such as a T and H web making the pocket of the ball sit differently for each position’s needs. For someone who wants their glove to be on the softer side with an index finger pad this is the glove for you. This glove runs at a good price for the webbing options, type of leather, and the padding included. 

Mizuno gloves feel excellent when playing with the parashock pad, making this unit a perfect buy for young players and ones who are starting to take the game more seriously.  Speaking of the Mizuno Franchise Series Glove which is top notch from the brand, the glove is hand friendly, with the java leather and more intrusive lacing giving the player an advantage in terms of hand flexibility 

Despite being hand friendly and very durable the glove will feel and look great. The cushioning makes one more productive and competitive without the fear of a stinger, the glove looks exactly like a premium glove like most professional players will use. Every young player has a dream of going pro before hitting that level this will definitely be a purchase for the athlete. This shows the companies pride in itself from the hit and feel approval applied to all of their baseball gloves, these are built with some of the most comfortable, highest performing, and top notch gloves in the game.

Mizuno’s Best Baseball Glove


Next discussing Wilson gloves. The material consists of leather, synthetic, or treated leather. As a higher name brand glove and from more advanced players the preferred is a glove with leather. For a lighter feel some may prefer a mesh backed glove. Although a synthetic glove works well for younger players looking to become serious with baseball. 

When looking at the leather on a glove Wilson uses a durable and a year after year use from genuine leather webbed into the glove. The best leathers will not lose their shape and remain stiff, but will keep their form making them the best baseball gloves to date. Moisture-resistant microfiber material extends the longevity of the glove and doesn’t get weight down by rain or wet grass making the glove to again stay intact. Wilson gloves consist of an all-new Comfort Sleeve that is the finishing touch, conceling the binding in the wrist for more comfort than ever before. 

Along with a palm construction a thin shaped piece of leather is placed between the palm liner and the outer shell enhances pocket stability. This pad will leave the player without any stingers left behind from a line drive or a powerful throw to the palm of the hand. The brand offers a great overall experience from look to performance. It’s hard to find a Wilson glove that doesn’t 100% satisfy. Wilson is responsible for producing some of the top-performing gloves in the game, there is no doubt wilson will get the job done for you and will continue with years to come leaving you without a doubt when purchasing your next.

Wilson’s Best Baseball Glove


Rawlings is a leading sports equipment manufacturer specializing in baseball equipment. Rawlings baseball gloves are the most chosen gloves of current major league baseball players due to their innovative and high performing equipment. Rawlings has the players in mind when constructing their gloves, they have intricately developed each detail with the success of the prospect athlete in mind. 

Rawlings produces a lightweight glove with a hyper chell design that gives it a 15% deficit on other modeless lightness. Rawlings creates their gloves with lace less palm and heel combined with the pink and thumb sleeve that make the inside feel smooth and comfortable. The oiled shell leathers used in the Rawlings gloves make for a quicker break in. 

It combines the kip skin leather and a high performing sheep-skin lining which help the glove maintain the shape after breaking in while making it comfortably fit in the hands of the user. This brand also consists of thermo-formed wrist lining which is made with breathable, moisture-wicking material, keep your hands comfortable in all kinds of conditions.

The finger stalls mold to the shape of your hand making it so your glove will not slip off or shift during play. Rawlings go to is the Tennessee Tanning leather laces, as they add durability and reinforcement so that the glove is able to withstand season after season. The pro athletes preferred gloves feel harder and provide some decent amount of cushioning to the hands, although this is up for personal preferences a great deal of major league players will prefer Rawlings because of the molding to the hand, the lightweight leathers, long lasting durability, and the palm cushioning that is given but does not keep the glove soft.

Rawlings’ Best Baseball Glove

Last thoughts on the Best Baseball Gloves

All in all a baseball glove is a baseball glove. The reviews above have been listed in ranking order (low to high) and experience level for each glove (low to higher) from the top three baseball gloves in the sport today. Mizuno is a great glove for getting started in serious baseball such as highschool, travel and even college. Mizuno strongly focuses on the comfort of the player while getting a touch of stringing a player will use as they increase their level of play. Wilson is a top notch company that is constantly in battle with Rawlings. Wilson uses a plan genuine leather making for a softer feel.​​ This glove will be used by many college and some major league baseball athletes. However, the top notch would come down to the Rawlings gloves used by a vast majority of major league baseball players. The use of the Tennessee Tanning leather with the oiled shell make for a longer lasting glove. Most higher level players prefer a heavier glove that still has protection leaving no stinger behind and this is that glove, from the molding to your hand, weather preventing material, and leathers making this last for seasons on. The information above gives an outsider’s perspective looking at higher end qualities to see what is needed and wanted from a baseball glove. It’s not always what will suit the uniform best but what will suit your play best. Here we conclude our most researched and amazing list for the best baseball gloves hoping that it helped you.

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