Guest post: Betting tips for Major League Baseball

Baseball betting: a stack of money with a baseball on topWhen it comes to betting on baseball, you have the choice of betting on the American League or National League, or on the World Series, as well as winners of individual games. As with any other type of sports betting, one of the first and most important tips is you can’t bet successfully on baseball unless you know something about it. However, with coverage of baseball quite limited outside of America, many people will rely on the Internet and baseball games at online casino sites like to gain knowledge.

Another key tip: know what you want from an MLB bet — whether it’s riskier, longer odds with a bigger payday if you win or lower risk and lower payouts by going for one of the hot favorites  For example, both the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Angels are rated among the favorites for this season’s World Series, but with 8-to-1 odds on these two teams, you won’t win much. On the other hand, with the Yankees at 12-to-1 or the Atlanta Braves at 16-to-1, there’s a decent chance of such a bet paying off, since neither team is considered rank outsiders.

Once you place a bet, there is not much to do except hope and pray your team comes through for you. If you already enjoy baseball and betting on it, a game like Hot Shot could be a great way of distracting you from the progress (or lack of it) of the team you wager on. This slots game, which is available at most online casino sites, goes all the way in terms of creating a baseball “feel,” with reel icons in the shape of catcher mitts, pitchers and baseball hats, against the backdrop of a baseball field. Download here if you want to try the game. There is also audio of the crowd and the bat hitting the ball, alongside traditional slots benefits like regular payouts and cheap play.


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