Braves fans rejoice! Derek Lowe and Nate McLouth gone!

Derek Lowe
Goodbye Derek Lowe!

“It’s a great day to be alive …”

Braves traded Derek Lowe, his fat wallet, $10MM and horrible stats to the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are reported to trade LHP Chris Jones to the Braves. Kevin Goldstein has the scoop on Chris Jones.

The Braves will save $5MM and around 15 wins next year.

Eric Hinske had his option picked up. When Frank Wren texted him and told him about Greg Walker being hired as the hitting coach, Hinske replied back “Does that mean I’m coming back next year?”

Nate McLouth, his fat wallet and horrible stats are going to the free agency pool. The Braves paid $1.25MM for him to go away.

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