Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Twins, Giants winless — are fans overreacting?

Many Braves fans are getting ready to bend over and give up. (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

The Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants are all winless. That’s right, 0-3. But which one of these teams should fans really be worrying about, if any at all? From reading the comment sections of ESPN, MLB.Com, SBNation, MLBTradeRumors, AJC, (just to name the ones I’ve been reading recently, in addition to TTFB of course!) every one of those teams have committed a cardinal sin. They are worthless, horrible, and each manager should be fired. Am I right?

It’s the reason why I try not to read the comments during the first part of the season on any major blog. I used to be that way in spring training, but most fans are pretty optimistic during the spring, except for those knuckleheads who absolutely have no life. It just baffles me to read and try to understand why people are saying the things they say in comment sections. It’s atrocious, and it’s like the entire fan base jumps on the wagon to ride it down. If I was a professional player, I would never read the comment sections. Actually, I would probably never get online as the Internet has become that place to “vent” to. Forget calling your best friend to vent, let me just post my thoughts about how horribly upset I am at my team starting 0-3. Season is already shot, right?

There are a number of teams that fall into this boat, perhaps they won one of the games out of three, but it’s true among any fan base. As a Braves fan, I’m going to summarize my readings:

Braves need to demote Jose Constanza and any other player who struggled.

Get a grip, it’s only been three games. Do you know any players who have never struggled for three games? By that logic, no one would ever play a full season.

Great. Now McCann is “cap tipping.” No heart or desire on this team. Won’t change till Bobby Cox and his pet Fredi are flushed out of the franchise. I hope the fans in Atlanta boycott opening night in Atlanta. Only way an owner who doesn’t care will get the message.

Yes, fans in Atlanta will boycott a game just because McCann cap-tipped someone. Alert the media!!

Its a mess right now. And Mc Cann is no leader who is not taking accountability. If he is gone after next yr, that is no big loss, he was one of the collapse culprits last yr.

Again, it’s been three games!!!!

At least MCCann is going in the tank before he gets to his big contract. Usually the Braves give out the huge contract and then they quit hitting. What is the earliest a manager has ever been fired in a season? If the Braves don’t dump Fredi pretty quickly, this team will not be able to rally since they have obviously quit on him. I doubt they have the guts to do it though since they will be too scared to hurt Bobby’s feelings since he got mad at the Marlins for firing him when now it has become clear that they knew what they were doing.

Quit hitting? Are you kidding me, dude? God forbid that McCann starts out with only one home run in his first series. Dump Fredi after three games? I sure hope you’re not in charge of anything, even you’re life.

The new season has started like the previous one ended: poorly. The Braves are now 10-24 over their last 34 regular season games.

Who gives a sh** about the last 34 regular-season games if they don’t count for this year’s record? Not satisfied with the 0-3 record, let’s see if I can make it worse. Those games from last year don’t matter — they let it go, why can you?

Even the Monopoly guy tips his hat from time to time.

Its time to re-tool this team. If it means unloading McCann, so be it. He’s not a perennial All Star because of his defense or play-calling. Diaz and Wilson getting starts is unacceptable. Anything less than a sweep of the minor league Astros is unacceptable.

If the Braves are 32-10 and then get swept three games by the Mets, are you still singing the same tune? It doesn’t matter when the sweep happens as long as they can rebound. Diaz and Wilson will get starts early in the year. Is this your first time watching baseball? In the beginning of every season, bench players get more playing time as a result of building strength for the starters and not over taxing them so early in the season. Just be happy the big three didn’t pitch in every game this weekend.

I mean this is just a half page of comments. I’ll probably get 17 more below this post that are just like it. If the Braves come out the next game and put up 17 runs, then all is forgiven. Fredi deserves Manager of the Year, McCann is an All-Star again and the Braves are a contending team again. Does that sound about right?

Come on, fans. Stop overreacting. What you’re doing is equivalent to seeing a guy wave at your girlfriend and then going off on her and beating up the guy because she basically cheated on you. You saw the wave, therefore, you gave up and thought of the worst possible scenario. Equivalent to Braves losing three games and now they won’t make the playoffs. Relax … stop overreacting.

The Braves, Red Sox, Yankees, Giants and maybe the Twins will all be in contention throughout the year. Oh, and that guy that waved at your girlfriend … let it go … just once.

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