Braves rid themselves of Conrad; Colvin a possible trade target?

Could Colvin be headed to Atlanta? (Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The offseason just keeps improving for the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves, who are playing a little game of addition by subtraction, just bolstered their offense by non-tendering Brooks Conrad. Brooks hit .223 in a touch over 100 at-bats.

While most teams are adding players to make themselves better, the Braves are doing the opposite by subtracting players. Gone are the likes of Derek Lowe, Nate McLouth and Conrad. Losing this trio is almost as good as the Phillies adding Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels.

The release of Conrad completes the trifecta that has brought a lot of anger from fans. All three contributed the Braves missing the playoffs this year.

The move opens a bench spot and indicates the Braves are finally committed to moving on. Conrad, who was only due the league minimum, was basically told by the Braves to pursue other choices. If he comes back empty, he was told the Braves would have a spot for him in the minors.

Peter Moylan was also non-tendered. He was due at least $1.6MM this year and the Braves felt that was too much for a player who just had surgery on his shoulder in late September.

“I was expecting the move,” Moylan said Tuesday.  “Hoping we can work out something to stay a Brave.”

I personally hope he will be back. He’s the Eric Hinske of the bullpen. He’s a solid veteran who keeps the environment loose.

Rockies add Tyler Colvin, possible target?

The Rockies landed Tyler Colvin from the Cubs, and it’s got me wondering if that was a move to shore up some talent for a bigger move. Seth Smith has been long rumored as a possible trade piece for the Braves to move Martin Prado, but I’m sure Colvin is much more desirable by the Braves. He’s a former first-rounder who has great talent and plays left field. Instead of Smith and a top prospect, how about Colvin and two lower-level prospects?

What do you think about Colvin? He’s got a tremendous upside, he’s young, and he hit 20 home runs a year ago as a rookie in just over 300 at-bats. His average is worrisome, but so was Heyward’s!

I personally would like to see him over Smith, if the Braves made the trade to land one or the other.

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