Bryce Harper May No Longer List The Phillies As A Favorite

The USA Today posted an article today detailing the fact that the Phillies may no longer be a “favorite” of Harper.

A few things stand out from the article. For example:

“The Phillies and Giants have offered 10-year contracts worth at least $300 million, while the Dodgers have discussed a shorter-term contract that would obliterate Arizona Diamondbacks ace Zack Greinke’s $34.3 million salary.”

As well …

“They are still adamant about not giving Harper a 10-year deal, but realize that if they offer the highest annual salary for at least five years, they now have his attention.”

Let’s face the facts here: The Dodgers do not need the services of Harper nearly as much as the Phillies or Giants. They have won six consecutive NL West Titles and back-to-back pennants.

But, yet, there are in the running to get Harper?

It just doesn’t add up.

I still believe that Harper and Boras are solely interested in beating Stanton’s deal.

The Phillies will need to pony up $326 million for that.

For whatever it is worth: just sign already, Harper.

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